Ideas for Town/Cities

I want to see what other peoples towns/cities look like
as i want some inspiration on my towns look I am not
very creative so I would like some ideas post a
snapshot of your town

You can check out the Gameplay category posts. Many of them are about the cities that players have built.
Here are three of the lastest

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there are also topics mostly on the gameplay forum tab where player just show of there build designs

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There is also mine, even if it is a Raiya’s Children town; still a work in progress.

Now with the official A16 release I was able to continue that save. It is one started from the unstable A14 all the way up to A15 currently. Just haven’t gotten around to playing it much recently. :slight_smile:

But yes like others mentioned that section is riddled with plenty of ideas for inspiration.

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Here’s a couple of shots from my current town/ town square area:

But it’s a work in progress


Amazing town man! I love the attention to detail with the pathways and walls! Nice and secure too! Just add some more buildings!

loving the patern/tree/ leveled floor area :slight_smile:

@properpeanut how do you rise that area and grow medium sized trees? I never managed to do so…
Your town gave me some inspirations, it looks really nice :wink:

my guess is planning planning planning. He probably cleared a forest and left the trees he wanted standing :slight_smile:

actually you can place normal farmer tree saplings, but they will grow up to be huge eventually… I just used the teleport command :slight_smile:

The leveled grass terrain is made with the mod called colored slabs ( i think). With it you are able to build slabs that look like grass. You cant make farms on it though.