Saying Good Bye to Alpha 15 city

Based this off some towns I saw in Southern Morocco and rural parts of china.
Wanted a cluttered, lived in feel. Not so much straight lines and organised layout.

Since Alpha 16 has rolled around I thought I’d shelve this one and start again.

So the town of Argen Mort as it was when Alpha 15 came to a close. I was planning on redesigning the front right section of the town but never got around to it.

Early days.

Working through the mountain on the right


I like this shot. So I thought I’d throw it in there.

Final state of the town.
Population was in the mid 30’s.


Great looking town, I like the pallet you used throughout. Textured roads like that can be overwhelming, but I think you managed a nice balance.

Mind if I ask what graphics card you’re running this off of? Those night shots look like you have the shadows turned up pretty high!

Absolutely stunning! Did your hearthlings build any of it?

One of the best designed cities i’ve seen on this forum.

Verry nice lil city :smiley:

Very nicely designed town :smiley:

@ Aethrios, I’m running on a laptop with a 970m Nvidia graphics card. It was running ‘ok’ with over 30 hearthlings. After Alpha 16 I saw a noticeable jump in performance too

@Reedo, I’d say about 95% of it. Maybe more. The biggest issue was finding enough wood to build scaffolding for the buildings on the mountain top and their towers. Required in excess of 200 wood in the stockpile for them to actually build the bloody things. And a lot of hand placed ladders. The only thing I really used instant build for was some wooden support structures under some of the overhangs. I couldn’t get the Hearthlings to build them all even with ladders for some reason.

I also learned pretty early on to save before designing any building so if things refused to build I could roll it back and redesign.


Heartfelt compliments on your town - a unique design lovingly realized!

A good strategy for getting lots of wood is farming oak saplings; yeah, it sounds like a last resort but a couple harvests is sufficient to create a forest of saplings - saplings which will grow into bigger trees very quickly giving you more wood than you could ever ask for.

This is amazing! :slight_smile: Whole team is blow away. Thank you for sharing! :smiley:


Quite a lovely city. Still working on my own of RC. This is good inspiration material. :slight_smile:

Amazing town mate! Shame it’s going :confused: