The amazing builds thread - Community editable thread

Simply a thread to Gather all the best builds, made by the community

If u want your build in the thread, its public open and can be edited by anyone!
(just try to keep it clean and simple! Finally respect others)

Psyduck’s builds
City in progress( with Bulgarian castle)

Yohane’s builds
Alpha 18 Elven village + templates
Alpha 16 town, the canals

Doc_Brano’s builds
China’s forbinnen city no longer working.
Seraphia mountain town. Rollercoaster design sneak peak

KSP_video_Channel’s Builds
Stoneheart 100 templates

Kythandra’s builds
The Town of Harutoshi and Atarashii Haru-jo
Burg Eichenstein

lios’ builds
My little palace build

Mad dwarf’s builds
Viking city project

Mumbling mute’s builds
Saying good bye to my alpha 15 town

Redstars creations

micheal_handy76_mh’s builds
Raven loft alpha 14
Alpha 15 Pirated bay

serenditipity’s builds
Alpha 13 Kingdom valgarde

Maratas, the city in the stone

ZwoeleBeer’s builds

MayB @Relyss knows how to hang other topics under this one?

Do you mean merging?
I wouldn’t do that. Each author can add more pictures to their respective threads, so it’s better to have them separately.
What I could do is turn the OP of this thread into a wiki post, so anyone can modify it and add links to other threads.


good plan. added the ones @Psyduck poked so far

Hehe Bit more what i had in mind as well :stuck_out_tongue: tho i figured i would have to edit it :stuck_out_tongue:

But someone whom has no patience, ran of with my few words! and made a post! (without naming anyone :smiley: )

but the wiki format is much better!

im not much of a wiki/forum user. Good thing there are more kinds of people then just builders =)

I mean, I’ve changed the first post to be editable by anyone. @Psyduck, you can try it :smiley:

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im busy woman!! im trying to build something !!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Will look in to some point :slight_smile:

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lol. howmuch effort doest it take :wink: But ok. theres no rush.

hey Relyss can you add like community edited or community edition or something like that in the title? wont let me chance it.

or maybe @Yohane

consider it done psyduck