Share your screenshots!


I would love to see what people build, so here is a quaint little tavern that I built to start the ball rolling!

Please let me know if there is already a thread dedicated to this topic.


theres this but not exactly the same i guess :slight_smile:


My island town’s Inn, The Bold Rabbit, just past the bridge into town.


part of something im building ^^


wauw… they are so awesome Psyduck!


Wow! Can you share your blueprint for elephant?! I need it!)))


Just a city i started on the amazing Grove Biome. This Biome have some nice hills. Next time i try something more complex.



This is Dondon… he is a pasionate worker :jubilant: He might not be the brightest in the town of tails, but he is liked by all for the huge effort he puts into building the town up from nothing!

This is Dondons house… Dondon loves signs and always tells Oak the carpenter, to make him a spare when ordering the things needed for construction of a new building in town.

So far Dondon have build his own house, the weavers workshop and the greenhouse for the farmers Hler and Rose :merry:



Dondon loving his life, before placing the final blocks on the garrison :jubilant:



Here’s two of my WIP’s

Here’s one of everyone going to action due to an Orc raid

The Royal Armored Forces ride out to kill the enemy army before they could group together with a orc and gobloid force


Maybe walls aren’t as safe as I thought…


Nice! How’d you get this?


Console commands. :glum: We were talking about it in another thread and on the last dev stream briefly. I figured a picture could help the “goblin ladder” concept lol.


my game frose like this…


If you load that savefile, does the freeze happen again?
Have you played Stonehearth again since it happened? If not, could you upload the stonehearth.log file?


i dont know the last save was before this hapend