Photo Gallery for Architectural Wonders Built by the Citizens

Hello everyone. One purpose has this thread, one only. Post snapshots of you best architectural wonders in game done not by console commands but by actually gathering resources and building the thing with workers. Get posting.

P.S. Lets turn this maybe into a friendly competition shall we? the one with the most likes gets… a hug?

Enjoy - Lets share our ideas and inspirations!


Where are your contribution @LordGovernorGeneral? :jubilant:
I guess the biggest one i have made is the Tails castle:

Since i made it as kind of a protest against the kingclass suggestion, i made a small bunny sit in a walled off room in the highest tower. It trapped a worker up there under the construction and the bunny where a ghost forever :merry:


I am still building mine, (very large but resource expesive and time consuming for 2 workers, a carpenter and engineer and smith and mason to make)

What I really had in minded though was of buildings built in game, by workers actually however.

all my buildings are build by the hearthlings ingame, no IB…

What is IB? I am assuming instantaneous building?

I’ll be uploading a photo of my construction later, as it is nearing 50% or so. - yes, it is very big and taxing on my ram hahaha

Ok, So here is a WiP of mine.

Hope it inspires some and is of entertainment to others.


Too bad most of my bigger builds had to be completed with ib at some point, mainly because the hearthlings had the collective IQ of a grapefruit. I’ll try to get something erected without commands and post it here.

Also, @Fornjotr, That is one fancy build.

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I have also some castles and a fortress under construction. I’m not a great voxel architect but when it will be finish, i’ll post some screenshots here;)

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