Show me your cities!

I am currently working on a new big city build and I need inspiration. Also I would love to see what creative thinks other people think off. So please show me your build!

Videos/screen big or small cities it doesn’t matter I want to see it all!


are u in dessert snow or woodlands?

Well nothing yet. You see I made a map on witch I just make templates. So far I have walls, gate house and a few house ideas. I think it is gonna be woodlands maby snow. But like I said I’m still in the template phase.

Here’s some pictures of my Ascendancy town, currently at 36 Hearthlings and starting the second in-game year.

Lag is abound and it takes forever for any significant amount of items to get restocked, or have a complex crafting recipe be completed. I might take a break from these guys and go make a RC town; just like how I reached this point with a NA town and ended up where I am now with the Ascendancy...
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I really like your windmill! Also de towers are really cool. Maby try add some texture into the roads on like the bridge, but other then that really cool! Are you playing on easy, medium or hard?

I’m playing on medium, though for a while, I thought I might’ve misclicked - out of nowhere, for about a solid season or two, I was getting attacked by kobolds/orcs/ogres literally every day. It wasn’t particularly crippling, but it was just annoying having to rescue that one Hearthling who was going to restock items from the previous day’s orc attack every ten minutes.

hey my city is in the dessert its not ready and everything is made by me

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question how do you get those knight statues from? they are awsome!

ascendency stonemason can craft those i think
rayyas children may also have similar items

@nightlancer is correct. If you’re not playing as Ascendancy, you can still get the statues from a trader – probably Rufus Garrow since they’re made of stone. They’ll only appear in the tier 3 version of his shop, though.

If you have gold to spare (or plenty of items to trade), I’d recommend making a bunch of market stalls. Each stall lets you bring in an extra trader per day, so if you have 5-10 you can quickly cycle through them until you get the one you want… having the traders be based on RNG can be frustrating, but I find it kind of fitting that a tier 3 town with a large market is the best way to get lots of different trader options.

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my mason can craft them now so everything is fine:)