StoneHearth 100 templates

I finally completed my Kingdom
and share my template


This is glorious and you are amazing!

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Damn… That’s awesome. Thanks

Oh my - it looks like someone reached “Tier 3”… :grin:

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damn this is nice, 100 templates very good of you :slight_smile:

Also very nice video, really enjoyded it

Phenomenal city and templates. Why is an archer carrying stuff in your video? I’d like to see a sequel on hardmode where the townspeople are fighting with the red kiln.

anyone care to upload it to :grin:

I think it is a bug
Archer and tests are sometimes ignore the given task

Absolutely amazing!

Wish i could build cities like that!

What’s his building level?

I guess he turned the archers ‘job’ off, so they will only haul stuff (and fight ofc), but they won’t patrol


This is simply one of the most amazing things i’ve seen in SH. I had this idea of making “building parts” which u can put together to form walls, bridges etc. but I’d never make it even remotely as glorious as you did. This should be improved and added to the game, for people like me, without any building skills. BRAVO!

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I’m just curious how much NASA charges him for the cpu power to run that city. Lol


Wow, he carved a super big river and it looks so good! Wait, how you get all that water? I imagine that just carving the river would make it extremely shallow cause there wouldn’t be enough water to fill it.

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oh my goodness… this is absolutely stunning… the team definitely needs to see this, @sdee show everyone on the team this glorious build!

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My mouth is open!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: This is amazing!!!

If you have any learnings from this exercise, from a building POV, we’d love to hear them! What was easy for you? What was hard? Did you find any bugs that you’d like us to know about? Etc!

Edit: The video is awesome too!


Jaw, meet floor.
This is truly a spectacular build. And thanks so much for sharing your creations with the community, both the templates and video. You’re the talk of the Stonehearth team this morning!


Dear god. Simply amazing.


I have always envisioned something like this. Masterfully well done.