StoneHearth 100 templates

Wonder what map seed. I like the river. or was the river carved? Sort of the feeling I get.

Thank you! This is really great!

Fantastic build, loved the video.

Thank you for sharing. Not sure which ones I’d use, but if any that I don’t I am quite sure I can get some ideas of my own. Like the posts you have made and quite a few of the other small things like that. A very lovely town you have there. :smiley:

Created by connecting the two lakes
I had to be mined for a week


Hello! Thanks to love my buildings and nice comments.
I write this for sharing my experience when I made huge size village.
Before write my feedback, I am not native English speaker so excuse my bad English.
Personally, I think one of the most powerful tool of Stonehearth is blueprint templet.
But unfortunately sometimes the templet does not work properly (mostly with huge building project)
I was posted this issue

Also, Sometimes the building float on the air or sinking in the ground when I try to set my templet where
close to the hill.

‘Click and drag to place floor tiles’ message seldom irritate because the message pops up in the middle
of screen. Usually, it is okay but sometimes it make me really uncomfortable because the message
window hide my cursor. In that situation, it is really hard to set my block tile or furniture. I hope there is
some option for turn it off or change transparency.

My village organized normal house, windmill, church, and huge castle. Total building number is around
80. The more building make, the more citizen’s average idle time increase. In my case, my village hold
6~7 Gb memory resource and then AI freeze very frequently (at that moment 2/3 citizen around 6-7sec
response slowly, or fully freeze until pause the game or restart.) For example, AI does not react when I
change my order. (Cancel moving stuff task -> set change class task -> just keep moving stuff -> freeze)
Doing some very strange task which I never ordered (ordered attack and defense area -> Ignore -> keep
patrolling or moving resource) I guess memory leak or AI algorithm deadlock some point.

I feel the lack of some building actually get the meaning in the game.

For example, I made rampart but it just ‘looks like’ rampart there is no function as a rampart. Goblins
never approach inside of my village but safe point drop down 10 to 0.1 directly and citizen acting like
monster invasion already in the village.

AI must need some area from ‘every direction’. It is really uncomfortable for build house because every
side of building cannot be touch wall or cave. Because of this problem, I need to use console commend
‘lb’. If this problem does not solve player really struggle some type of building such as semi-basement,
cave house with pillars, a house connecting with wall.


Thanks a lot, searched a lot for templates but never this good!! :slight_smile:

starts humming a silent melody
…I wonder how…
…I wonder why…
stops humming

This, my friend, is just awesome, especially that you gave us all those templates. Thank you very much!


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Awesome collection of templates! I am so glad we can share buildings with the community :smiley:

O…M…G!! And here i thought i had made a discovery with my 3-Layered Palisade Walls with working doors! This…Is…Magnificent!!! I am completely blown away!

O…M…G You city make me look like a retard :open_mouth:

is not work link

By the grace of Cid, what is this?

They did it. They brought a 3 year-old thread back to life. They really did it.

Jokes apart, yes… The link is very old and the user has not shown up in these forums since 2016, so… I guess you’re out of luck :frowning:


Since then there have been numerous updates to the game so it is quite likely the templates wouldn’t build properly now anyway


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They did it again

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Obrigado ^^