My little palace build


This was something to try out some stuff. Seems most of it can be build by the hearthlings. (I did skip most of the flooring and roofs. since that is so had to fix/clean up. the biggest problem I had was wit putting the lanterns on the smaller walls. somehow they just did not like to do that.
the last picture I was most pleased with, its the kitchen with urns of herbs, oil, vinegar and some hot sauce. Pleas don’t mind the mess… in the mess thou its hard to keep the place clean XD




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Holly shizznit son :open_mouth: Your buuilt make me loook like a novice :open_mouth: impressive :smiley:


Really impressive build man



I especially love your use of pottery, buff potions, small containers and stolen candle holders to display “generic riches”! :smiley: :thumbsup:


Little is not the word I would use :slight_smile: Awesome, more likely. wonderful job. Congrats.

Have fun, Kyth


thanks everyone! even the silent lurkers!
I call it little cause I’m used to make very big minecraft buildings.
I do wish there where more clutter items like that thou. (plants/flowers, books, statues, useless tools like rakes or decorative sword for on walls. but definitely more plants!)

just a bit offtopic, but is there any good/complete wiki on stonehearth?


Are you using any mods? Praise has quite a few mods that add new decorations and items to place. That might give the “clutter” you’re looking for.


no I have not used any mods yet. Thanks for the link, I sure need to dig in to that


This is amazing. Just one small little suggestion. Look up Little in the dictionary :stuck_out_tongue: Still cool though


(That’s mutated dinosaur for “I love you”)


You really make me ask what am I even doing in this game!


no words can describe this. I come home to this build and fall out of my chair. Nice job


just a quick try on concept idea that popped up. (would it not be great if traveling merchant showed up in one of these? :heart_eyes: one can only dream right?) if I was good ad making organic statues I would build a horse next to it XD


holy crap thats nice, a big hands down for you building skill :slight_smile: