Tiny Homes for Malley

I was talking about the idea of Tiny Homes in game with @malley the other day during the stream and I wanted to share one of my quaint little homes I’ve made. It’s only 1 story… technically. Though it’s really compact and fits everything the hearthlings need!


Noticed the curtains were off in the pictures! How embarassing :frowning:

Also, the windows in the back line up with the bed on the left side, so the hearthling can peer at the stars while they fall asleep.


little side question, where do you get those flowers?

Nice design! I have a similar fondness for compact homes, with one or two hearthlings living with all the amenities in a single building.

I find mezzanine levels like the one you’ve created to be a wonderful solution for increasing the usable space inside a single storey. Given that one storey is 5 blocks tall, there’s almost enough room for two hearthlings to stand one atop the other already… but if you add a pitched roof, you can easily get the extra 2 blocks of height required to have two levels with a single block separating them. It’s a bit…“cosy”, but it doesn’t break the immersion since older cottages generally did have lower ceilings.

Using crates for your staircase was very clever; I normally pack the space under the staircases with crates (or at least as much as the hearthlings can comfortably reach) but your more direct option dramatically increases the amount of accessible storage.

It’s good in the inside but i find it too flat on the outside

Hey Aviex - that’s awesome! I’m so glad you made something with your ideas : ).