Sharing a house, not a big deal

I was thinking about something and I thought that maybe I wasn’t the only one that it “bothered”.
So Hearthlings dislike to share beds and I understand fully not wanting to share it.
But they don’t like sharing houses? What gives?
I mean, I understand if it were like 6 hearthlings cramped in a super little house or whatnot, but with the building UI we have at the moment we can’t really make individual rooms and I find it sad that two hearthling sharing a house are sad even if the house is medium size.
At the start of my town, I don’t have all the building material to make a single house for everyone, and it takes more than two days to achieve that, and it makes me mad that they are outside and being sad for sleeping outside, but the … what’s the word… “malus”/negative moodlet ( can’t remember the right word) for shared room is worst than sleeping outside…
Wouldn’t it be nice to have a balanced version of this? Like small house :1-2 hearthling (depending on how small), medium 2-3 hearthlings and big like 3-4?

I would like to know your thoughts on this!



I know your problem. The mechanism of the individuals works like a privacy thing i.e. they want private property. They want their own spaces where they can have ‘me time’ where no one else can see or hear.

I suggest using the small cottage structure or making another custom template to remade this - also, they like fine living. Fine or mastercrafted stuff and comfy beds are preferred to the alternatives.
For the resources, find a good patch of trees, and chop it. You’ll be covered. Build the houses one by one, so they focus and finish one at a time. I did this in my world for 13 people and it took around 1 day and 1 night and half another day.

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Hmmm, maybe I wasn’t clear enough on how I formulated it. I can make houses for individual hearthlings.
But my main problem is I would like to make houses for like two hearthlings. Not because I need space and stuff, but because I would really like having two hearthling in the same house. The feeling of “home” instead of house, making it more comfy and friendly. Something like that :slight_smile:
Also, with the new traits system, hearthlings with the Callous(is it the right word?) trait wouldn’t like living with other people. As for cultist only liking to be around other cultist etc, etc. It would be really nice.
It’s more of a preference I have than a need or a problem! :slight_smile:
But thanks for your reply.


You can build solo walls inside of a house to create rooms, it’s not as good as an actual room tool but it does help.

Oh, I didn’t know that.
I tried a couple of months ago and just abandonned the idea, but with the updates that has been going on, I think I’ll try!

I had a hard time finding it! It’s a loose stack of blocks in the UI, it’s called slabs, and you put them in one little block at a time. But I would just die of cuteness if my heathlings had friendships like Sims…

Also, I know how you feel. I have my combat people separated into their little flag teams and all of the team sleeps in one of the default Inn buildings by where they defend. I pay the penalty because it fits my narrative. XD

You can do this ? Simply add the first layer of furniture, then add the walls and roof, then add the indoor walls and doors. voila

I’d like it if two hearthlings were okay with sharing a house. Sometimes I ship characters together and it would be nice if they were okay living together XD