Ideal room size for hearthlings

Hey there, I’ve been trying to build homes and shared sleeping quarters in a way that would best impact my hearthlings happiness and I had a few questions of how to accomplish that.

I read some where that hearthlings needing their own rooms was a factor so does having two beds in a 7x9 or a 9x11 still cause the shared bed effect?

Whats the Ideal size of a room for them to not feel cramped?

Does a building made out of slab floors, roof and stand alone walls count as indoors?

If beds are in diffident rooms divided by walls or slabs if that enough to get rid of the shared bed effect?

If anyone knows some of these could you let me know. I’d really like to know the ideal conditions for harthling happiness so I can design around them.

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You have to assign a specific bed for a specific hearthling that removes the shared bed thingy not the size of the rooms

What about the cramped space effect?

I remember a video talking about it when they first implemented it but I can find it?

It is outdated,just build naturally and you will not get it.
Only if you build really small and closed rooms.
Besides, the effect only applies while inside the room. Which in such a small room with only a bed (else it would be bigger) it would only happen when the hearthling is sleeping.

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