Room Related Ideas

I was watching the most recent livestream and rooms were briefly mentioned. I played a ton of Dragon Quest Builder yesterday and I love how they handle rooms so I thought it would be fun to take their version and see how it could be applied to Stonehearth.

First step is figuring out what would constitute a room. There would be rules along the lines of:

  • Area surround by walls at least 4 to 6 blocks high (The walls could build taller but only the first 4 to 6 would count toward the room)
  • Area should be more than ___ total area and less than ___ total area.
  • There is a door and a light source (any items would have to be within that 4 to 6 block height to be counted)

From here, depending on what you put in the room would change what the room was and what effects there are on your hearthlings.

  • Beds would make bedrooms. This would help with the ‘slept outside’ issue in Rayya’s children. You could also make it so that only those who own beds in the room would go into this room.
  • There could be a room for each of the crafting classes
  • 4 Tables and 10 chairs could be a dinning area. Maybe give hearthlings a mood boost while inside it.

I understand there might be no way this can go into the game but it is fun to think about! What do you guys think? I was unsure with some of the specific numbers so what numbers do you think would work? What room types can you come up with?


Yeah, there has been a lot of talk about this. I think there was a reference from one of the staff or heavy modders that rooms should be at least 6x8? I’ll see if I can find that, but in the meanwhile here are a couple links of relevance:

You (and several others) have talked about ideas like giving “morale points” (or some such) to furniture, windows, lighting, that sort of thing. It sounds like a good idea. It might - especially for multi-room dwellings - require that the longstanding “free-standing walls break roofs” bug actually get fixed if you define a dwelling as a roofed space but otherwise, the idea of having nice things leading to people feeling happier? That makes sense. Start with an open barracks - meh. A Hearthling can live in those. But eventually getting individual homes (especially if the “personal space” markers that have been described as suggestions get implemented) with fine quality, comfy beds, a couple chairs, a writing desk and table? Yeah, a Hearthling can live in there with style

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