Room sizes? ("Cramped" etc)

Hey all. Does anyone know the minimum sizes for a room to not be considered ‘cramped’? Trying to design rooms, but can’t figure out what factors into it (actual size, furniture, etc.). Any info on this?



I think it has to do with windows helping with that, more than actual size since items 2 blocks and under don’t cause feelings of being cramped. There is a Desktop Tuesday that talks about the “required” area around each hearthling, though.


Are you playing a20 or a21?

@Golden I didn’t know that, thanks. I’ll play around with it and try find the Desktop Tuesday.

@Omegasa I’m currently playing A21

They changed the way room sizes worked for a21 in that before the hearthling’s bounding box was limited by what it hit, now it’s somewhat variable in how it determines room size. Windows affect room-size but only if they’re 1 or 2 blocks above the floor if they’re too high they’re just decorative unfortunately.


This thread still doesn’t have an answer? like, how many block? in height x length x width?

I wouldn’t go below a 10x10 if your putting much in there other than a bed, I use 15x15s for my workshops and stuff

take a look at this thread :merry:

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