A simple property system

Beds, right now, are the one thing that can be assigned to Hearthlings. They’re the one personal connection our Hearthlings have to the world. … Why not extend this silly metaphor I just thought up further?

Each building with beds should have a capacity, the number of beds.

  • If it has no beds, it’s public property. Anyone can walk through it and use it.
  • If it has one bed, it’s a private house. If the bed is assigned to a Hearthling, they will prefer using items in that building while other Hearthlings will try to avoid using its items, and maybe even walking through.
  • If it has more beds than that, Hearthlings assigned to its beds will “own” the items closest to their bed or in their room and share everything further.

It probably won’t be quite that simple but I just wanted to get my thoughts down tonight. I’ll improve my suggestion in the morning if I think of anything.


I guess, the system with items near a workshop that will have effect on the crafter that uses the workshop, will fit in well with this. Then its just how far down the road they will implement that system? :slight_smile:


I reckon this is a brilliant and very elegant solution to giving hearthlings their own permanent personal spaces!

Another option would be to move the occupant assignment off of beds and onto the building itself, so when you select the building you can assign the whole thing (or at least every piece of furniture in it) an owner.

Either way, I agree with assigning building occupancy based on number of beds. That would allow for a lot of fun things like having families live together, creating barracks which have to be extended to house new soldiers, and generally encouraging more creative house building through extensions rather than just building a lot of cottages.