MiniTown Challenge

The Challenge: Create as small of a town as possible to house a single hearlthing for each job (that’s 16). The rules are as follows.

  • Hearthlings must each have beds
  • There must be a full workstation for every class, where applicable. (All two carpentry things, all three weaver, etc.)
  • Town must have a minimum of 500 total storage units
  • Town may not extend underground or into the side of a mountain.
  • Each bed must be within a building, same for workstations.
  • Hearthlings must have a reliable source of food, whether this be by farming, trading or the like.
  • Verticality is encouraged, however a building may extend a maximum of three stories up.

To submit, screenshots, save files or the like, with a square measurement of how many tiles the town takes up.

I’ll post my attempt in a bit. Have fun!

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And here I was planning on making a city that shook when people moved until one day it fell over in a strong wind :stuck_out_tongue:

Will there be a deadline on this?


This is actually pretty easy, since this is how I always play. I generally build a house to function as my Mason/Carpentry/potter workshop, with 3-4 beds upstairs to accommodate the forge and anvil on an outside porch(but it’s a simple matter to make a wall around that), Herb/weave often live together, as well as Cook/farmer/shep. Then i make a Barracks to house any/all military I have with the trapper.

You also never state that they need to be in different buildings, so you could essentially make a massive 3 story apartment building

Also, IIRC; there are only 15 classes. 4 ‘producers’, 5 ‘professionals’(magmasmith isn’t implemented), 5 ‘protectors’.

I wasn’t necessarily planning on it, but maybe! Perhaps…a week, next Friday.

And it could indeed be one big building, if you use the minimal amount of tiles.

Let’s see who gets the lowest tile count!

Thats cool man challenge accepted :thumbsup: I don’t know about all this counting though ahah we’ll see how it goes :ok_hand:

do roofs count as a storey ? :wink:

also by storage units do you mean total capacity or, for example, 500 crates?

Lol, i think about same not so long ago, and already have few buildings from set.)

Mason’s house, carpenter’s house, potter’s house and cook’s
All with 1 bed, workstation for class, few crates or chests and some other furnitures


oh my goodness, these are all so creative and cute! @sdee you need to show the team these!


I suppose attics aren’t a story.

I love those little buildings, they’re adorable.

And I mean 500 total units.

Totally agree! These are fantastic!! :smiley:



herbalist’s house (yep, I remembered that the house is written with a letter “o”, pardon me for my bad english), cleric’s house, worker’s house, farmer’s house and most unoriginal weaver’s house (but maybe i will change design)