Good job! ...kinda

Well… they built it fine, despite breaking the laws of physics a little bit to get it done… there’s just a little problem.

That’s all supposed to be stone underneath that blanket of scaffolding and ladders (minus the roof, of course)

I knew this wasn’t going to end well when upon starting the build the game froze for three seconds, then took about 20 to plan the construction. And then when they built parts of the roof right off the bat, floating in the air.

There’s apparently something that still needs to be built, but because of the scaffolding I can’t see what. Should I just ib since it’s only a small part or try to see if I can find what’s not built?


If you post your save we can help you try and find the missing piece.


Well, a little waiting (and a goblin attack) galvanized them into finishing the towers… not sure where that missing piece was supposed to go, but oh well.

Finished product, and I’m probably going to add some rooms in the base of the tower, too. Carving out a small piece of mountain is hard work!