Hearthling Mansion

Hey guys, I consider this build a small mansion, Don’t know if you’d agree. But this is one of my best builds yet :smiley:.

Hope you guys like it, Really enjoyed making this, Turned out so much better than I ever Imagined it looking :wink:


Wow @Stoneheartfan, this is super impressive! Well done!


Thank you, That means a lot, It was amazing fun to make :smile:


How long did it take you to build?

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Somewhere around 8 to 12 hours, I know I put 3 hours in last night and around 7 / 9 hours today. I have over 100 hours on Steam now too haha. :blush:

The second floor was the hardest, Took over 600 ladders, And almost 200 windows in total :stuck_out_tongue:


Outstanding, glad we have people like you putting in those long hours to create things like this :slight_smile:


“Cribs” Stonehearth Edition.

Great job on that!


Thank you :smiley: As long as the game doesn’t crash I could do this forever! never gets old.

Yeah, I tried to add a lot of little designs to it all, Still gotta do some designs inside though! But yeah thanks for noticing :smile:

@SteveAdamo, how much does it take to get a custom title for building? Because I believe @Stoneheartfan is a pretty good candidate.


agreed… now, what seems to be a worthy title? :smile:


Water :frowning: tears

I shall dive in that blue slab LOL

All kidding aside, Nice work

Gonna make me step up my game :stuck_out_tongue:


The architect would seem nice

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concordantly… ergo vis a vis… the above not withstanding!

5 internet points to the first person who gets the reference

it shall be done! :smile:


Matrix reloaded…? I think… Maybe?


ding ding! 5 internet points to @naturalnuke! :smile: :+1:

the Will Ferrell parody of this scene is the best though… however, its somewhat NSFW… :wink:


Yay, I had watched it on my last road trip, or maybe it was the one before last…

Wow Thanks for the amazing title @SteveAdamo I feel so loved right now. Thank you @coasterspaul for the nice words, and nomination, Think I can call it a nomination… going to call it a nomination.

And also I couldn’t have chose a better name @micheal_handy76_mh so thanks for coming up with it!

Thanks everyone means a lot :blush: :heart:


How did you make the wall segments so long? Every time I try that it makes me put a wooden pillar down at regular intervals. I love this game but the one thing I want more than anything else is to be able to build my building block by block or click and drag for a row of blocks instead of the “grow walls” button. I like having more control over what I build. The slabs are okay but they feel kind of limiting.


I made the walls by marking all the floor first, And using the Grow wall button. Same with the second floor apart from I used slabs to outline the floor. I made it long just be drawing the floor like that. The roof was done by hand.

This was the area I drew out, Not 100% clear but it shows the type of floor patten I drew out to make the walls segments as such. Building is going to be hugely improved in a future alpha but yeah, That’s how I made the walls like that. I hope that answered your question, if not just say and I’ll try to answer it better or clearer. :smile:


Just as @Stoneheartfan said. If you use the grow wall button in build tools, it will skip the pillars.

If you use the draw a wall button, I think it gives 16 voxels spacing between pillars.

So when you draw a floor, make sure you have no conflicts and grow the walls :smile: