Tfw you spent a whole evening on one building

jep, that just happend…

(if you were wondering, yes, i already uploaded the templates to BOTH sites)

(and yes, it was quite the hassle doing that without undo ;mC)

(and yes yes, the templates in the background are just for reference, dont worry about those)


I can sum this up in two words and three dashes.

Cramped Environment - - -

imagine that hahahahahahah

I can sum it up in one


What a building! :smiley: Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

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warning: bad english

@Maethendias I see that you’re striving for attention to details like a real life house (not minimalist houses) while struggling to stick with the ratio of the furnishes from the voxels. excellent work btw :+1:

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thanks ^^ and yes that was my intention XD

I see you’re a man of culture as well. :merry:

For me, I build templates w/o furnishes on flat ground, save, then place them in a sweet spot. After the building is finish, I go nuts with the interiors and exteriors just to compensate with the z-fighting (you know when objects overlap and create this glitchy texture).

well excepts for dining tables and chairs, can’t put them under the other w/o pausing first before they place them. Awkward to see them sitting in front of a dining table then eating on their laps and knees.

how 'bout you? how do you finish your work? in one go or template first before furnishes?

in one template, because i never actually plan for anything (not in drawings, or any creations at all) i just go with the flow…

sooo yeah, all in one go
sometimes i edit something afterwards (mostly furniture since htats the only editable thing right now) but i generally flesh out details while im working.

im not one who does every wall, then add windows, i work more like in sections, i finish one first, then i move on to the next etc