[r2477/dev-alpha11] My Building Templates [out of date]

Hi Guys,
I got inspired to make a couple of creative building templates.
I will post them here as screenshots and will provide download links.
They all include a proper thumbnail in the template list.

Apartments for 4

This template is meant to be a part of a road of houses and the template has been designed around that concept.

Apartments from the Front

Apartments from the rear

Two Apartment Buildings side by side as intended by template(one reversed to demonstrate that you can turn them and they still fit)

Upper Appartment

Ground floor Apartment (has same furniture as Upper Apartment).

Download Mediafire

Apartments Endmodule

This is an end module for the “Apartments for 4”. Template needs to be placed before main building is constructed.

Download mediafire

Large Storage House (featured in Template Contest)

Download mediafire

Large Plaza with Fountain

Download mediafire


i love the flower box design in the plaza, it really give that “cherry on top” kinda feel.


i love the design…could you please link me to the template contest? i need inspiration as i hope the stable release of alpha 11 will come out and fix this bug i keep getting that makes the game unplayable and everyone unable or unwanting to provide me with a fix. i love using the custom builder and i love putting my mind to the test to figure out how some of you guys build things like that.

Template Competition

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excellent work @Sral92x!

this gives me an idea to add another sub-category to the Modding section… :+1:


as I get new ideas I will update this topic.
If you are adding a subcategory for Templates could you move this topic there?


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yes indeed, that’s the plan! :smile:

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@SteveAdamo can you also make a modding help subcategory for people making mods that still need help. could you make so that mods posted/released in the modding category reqire alpha version or reales version in name to make it easier to find up-to-date mods

The apartment does not work anymore :frowning:

Hey there @Kins, welcome to the Discourse! What about apartment doesn’t work? Is the download down, do you receive an error, or will it simply not be completed by the Hearthlings?

Ingame i do not get a picture and when i place it it gives an error

OK. Let me download it and take a look…one moment.

Edit: @Kins, not going to be able to help here, sorry! Too many changes to building templates since the first build of Alpha 11. @not_owen_wilson might be able to help, but no promises!