Buildings I've made :)

Thought I’d make a thread to post templates for buildings I’ve made, and I’ll start with this combination storehouse, bunkhouse, and dining hall. It works nicely for taking care of everything you need in the early game, though it takes a while to build. And I think it looks nice :slight_smile:

The crates stacked more than two high are obviously just decorative, and can be edited out without costing you anything, if you don’t want to waste the resources. The ones on the floor (Away from the walls) aren’t stacked in the template, because I had to use slabs to place the ones on the walls even… The building designer won’t let you stack new placements on top of existing furniture placements, so you’d have to put them in after the building was constructed.

That said, it gives you a ton of storage (Though crates are a little buggy in some ways, so you’ll want to replace them with chests at some point), 10 beds, and 16 chairs in the dining area, so it can basically meet all your needs even with 20 or so hearthlings.

Template download: