[Official Competition] - Build a Storehouse Template!

in this evening’s stream (7/9/15), @Tom challenged tasked the community with building a two-story storage template, that includes crates

the incentive? if it’s deemed “better” than his, they will incorporate your building into the game! :smile: :+1:

so, get cracking! use this thread to submit pictures of your best storage building…

good luck!

p.s. let’s keep all discussions around templates housed in @8BitCrab’s thread here… thanks! :+1:


This is my submission. This storage house has 12 large crates and has interior lights. all crates are accessable by using the hide wall tool. Suggested Name: “Lars Co. Large Storage House” download


Well what a dingus, apparently I skimmed on the “two story” part…

My own idea here is something inspired by a traditional barn, with a low tech feel for the starting out player. Would be better if reserved for food and finished goods. I would LOVE to be able to make an open faced “lean to” shed with three walls and a roof, but it seems you can’t build things like that yet.

With this barn, I’d add a paved area to one side with fence for lumber and timber.

Raised floors are used to highlight the storage areas, keep things away from vermin. The rear window should have been higher up, for light and ventilation. I also would have had the central roof higher and peaked if possible, but couldn’t work it out. Still, the flat top gives the player somewhere to build a basic lookout tower for their small town if they desire later on. Double door because it’s the central building for the whole settlement. I didn’t use any furniture, but of course the player could use crates and such when they work ingame.

As you can see, some funky stuff happened with ladders and logs during the construction. The game would benefit from a “cheaty” phase where the game checks and removes errant things like that at the end of construction.

I really like Sral92xs idea, but I think it would be better as a later game template, made out of stone for a nicer looking urban town.


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Here is my submission for a Warehouse

can fit up to 15 Large Crates and 10 Small Crates (possibly more)

For looks I went with Stone bottom, to give the feel of more protection from those pesky goblins. Also has a loading dock second tier floor, with a duel floor on second floor. Stairway leading up. It is buildable from Blueprints

The Blueprint


Crates on second tier to give more life

Inside with a choice of mixed stock

Without mixed stock

I also add effects of detail of docks and walking area:

What the inside looks like with lights

This was an idea, for Pirates Bay when I heard crates was coming :stuck_out_tongue:


I want to build something like autors above, but my templates crash when i add stars or hinged balcony =(

so there are my attempt to create storehouse, which my villagers can build:

And one alternative of first template, what crashed because of stairs =(


I’ve come with a couple of my own designs, and a solution for how to store crate within a crate (sort of).

So without further ado, let me present to you; the crate storehouses!

Here’s the inside of the large crate house:

And here’s the small one:

Their blueprints:


I went in something of a different direction. Rather than having a 2-story storehouse, I have a 2-story building with a big storehouse beneath a small housing area. I wanted something that fits the theme of the other templates, as this is basically the cottage for 2 on top of the shared sleeping quarters, while also showing off some of the other features not typically seen, such as having roofs go in alternating directions and ornamental items like curtains, comfy beds, and a tapestry.

Heres the front

The back

The inside of the top floor

I imagine this as something a merchant might retire to, hence the extra ornamentation. This would of course make it something of a mid-game building instead of an early building, as you need both a decently leveled weaver and carpenter as well as a significant number of resources.

The storage area itself is meant to be (Relatively) empty at first, and be filled in as the player sees fit. I think this gives it a much more interesting look, as crates can be placed haphazardly rather than looking structured, while also leaving lots of room for growth (theres several hundred slots of storage available in the picture below).

P.S. There are a lot of bugs involved in building a structure like this. Workers would abandon their work, ladders and supports would never be taken down, work couldnt proceed until individual blocks are worked on, etc Even after fighting through all that, there are still support structures and ladders stuck inside the building. I had to recreate the bottom level separately from the actual structure of the first 3 pictures just so you could see inside properly


Submission #2

This is more of a Basic Warehouse(Courtesy of Silverthorn Inc), kept in tune with others, already given blueprints

I went with 4 doors as to give access to all sides to make it easier to put stock away

This is blueprintable and buildable from blueprints



Inside with crates (Large and small)

With road access to give more life

At night when fully complete


Submission #3

Another courtesy of Silverthorn Inc.

Is buildable from Blueprints

2 access points with workers sleeping quarters
Bottom half made of stone to protect against the vermin

Hold 20 or more large crates and tons of small crates



Inside with Crates and Beds

Very well lit at night

Road accessible for life


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Can I add few of my extra works? =)

I thought about the open space for storage chests and came to this decision:

also building with columns can be used on water =)


Do your hearthlings keep stumbling over piles of freshly baked cookies, pints of mead and all other sorts of stuff that has yet to be implemented?

Then the ToBeImplementedStuffStorage.json might be something [size=14]JUST[/size][size=17]FOR[/size][size=20]YOU![/size]

This luxury template, consisting purely of wood and keeping close to the style of earlier templates, can contain:

  • about as many cookies one could eat when having the munchies;
  • pelts of cute little DEAD forest creatures;
  • enough mead to keep an entire lovely village shamefully intoxicated (including friendly goblins);
  • boxes, lots and lots of BOXES. You think you stored them all? NOPE! There’s always room for MORE BOXES!

Well… that’s as much of a salespitch as I will ever do. Hope you like it. ^^


Thought I should also take part in this little competition.

‘Not too difficult to build and recognizable in your town’ was my motto for this structure. Could be something like a “medium sized storage building”.

With some little tricks and saving/reloading they really built the stairs. Stairtool where are you?

The windows are a little bit… off. I think this could have happened when I copied the template from computer to another.


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ok im here few :sweat_smile: better late then never.

So I went with this shape seeing it hasn’t been done yet. Simple yet kind of cool

inside top shot

bottom floor with store room desk and chair

uuh and this is the same building, but my first design. I made a spiral stair case instead or ladders, but of course the template doesn’t save when you mix house and slabs… as you all know

I really liked this one, it held 13 big creates compared to the top one that only held 9.


how do you add stairs inside the building? i mean the ladder… did you put it there after the building is made?

yes, you need to add ladders after buildings are made, as you cant add them to the template.

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