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so in stonehearth at the beginning of the game in order to store items you make a stockpile well im about 9 (in game) days into this one village when i realized im “im starting to run out of space” i had no place in the walls of my village to place a stockpile now you might be saying just build a pile of stone or wood but what if you’ve just run out of space (please don’t look for every nick and cranny solution to this and hear me out) well here’s what i did i built a costom building using the chests vaults and crates in the game so i had a place that could store about 1000 units and now i’m thinking after 10 more days in the game "what if i didn’t have to place a costom building and it was already there
i did this you can design it anyway you think it should be this is just the basic idea

Do you mean having a pre-made village blueprint for a storehouse? It would be nice, but you really only have to design it once yourself and then save it as a custom template. If a starting template were made, I don’t think it would include a level 6 blacksmith recipe for The Vault. The default building recipes are rather simple in their design so players have an easy time using them and hearthlings have a simple time building them. It would likely be a small wooden building with some large wooden crates in it for the Ascendancy, following their theme.

I don’t think these are really nick-and-cranny solutions, but you could have dug into the mountain to use it as a storage area or have chosen a larger area to settle at if you felt like you didn’t have enough space. The world is yours to change.

I always put containers next to my crafter stations, usually restricted to the materials each one uses. It makes storage simpler, and makes crafting go a bit easier when they can reach what they need faster.

i don’t mean using vaults littlerally i just mean that it would be useful for saving space

this is something that i did as well

Are you suggesting they add into the game a BUILDING that DOUBLES as a container? while that might seem like a nice idea i don’t see that ever working, structures in the game are build block by block and individual blocks do not have the ability to contain objects inside of them i don’t think. To build a BUILDING that when finished being built brick by brick turns into a container is just not doable i don’t think. in fact that would kinda make it broken because then once it’s finished being build one could just move it around like any other crate or chest i’d assume since it no longer acts as a structure but more as an object placed in the world like you would any other decoration, chest, fence, etc.

what you COULD do is build a multiple floor building that can contain a 20x20 stock pile on each floor that would allow you to hold 400 items on each floor. But even then that would be insufficient when you could just build a building that’s physically smaller but holds more via stone chests and vaults.

@Kitkat_Matt Through modding it IS possible to design an object that when placed looks like a building or any other shape you could think of, in the actual size of a building that would in theory be able to store items like a chest does. However, It would completely unbalance the game.

@Ninjapilot10 A big part of the fun of this game is planning ahead of time for challenges that you’re likely to face as you play. This includes planning out your city, planning expansions, and most importantly inventory management. The story for this game basically says, Seven hearthlings, tired of the place they came from decided one day, to up and leave. They went into the wilderness of (mapname) and started a new kingdom. If there were already a building or object that served as a building before the game began, that would hardly fit the story now would it?

What I see, is that the game itself needs more and better storage containers that look like normal furniture so as to blend in and give us a nice choice for how our homes look not just chests.

i’m not saying it’s not possible to design an OBJECT like i said already in order for this to work it would have to be a placeable object regardless of the physical size of the object it would have to function like a storage chest/decoration. something you’d craft at a crafting station and place with a hearthling rather than have a group of hearthlings build it brick by brick like they would a normal structure. and as you pointed out and as i pointed out myself it would completely break the game as then you could just literally pick up the building like you would a regular object and move it around essentially creating a portable vault the size of a regular building at a much lower cost and stress. completely unbalanced.

also just to point out there is a mod that adds new storage containers but A: they don’t require a crafter to be any level to make them making them fairly unbalanced given how much they hold and how few resources they each require (most require just 2 clay or stone) and B: i’ve found them to be a bit buggy because when hearthlings attempt to put anything in them they tend to sit there humping the container until one of them eventually drops the item they’re carrying or finally puts it into the container. it can be very frustrating when they don’t function like they should properly.

I usually just place the dinning hall end edit out the tables and chairs, then replace them with crates? in the editor you can actually stack the crates on top of each other for double the storage per square. Just remember to do it before pressing build or it wont work. :slight_smile:


If you read my entire post, you’ll see that I agreed with you already.

no i’m not suggesting a building that works like a storage unit i’m suggesting a building with containers inside it to save space using chests in the building like how beds are placed in a house you wouldn’t be able to be moved around it would work the same way a normal building would work i’m just suggesting a storage facility not another mechanic like it would be if a building automatically place a stockpile.

This is a good idea thanks for the suggestion.

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i’m not suggesting a place prebuilt i’m suggesting a design premade like the dining hall or the houses

about what you were saying about only having to build it once the same could be said for any other building in the game if I suggested taking away building templates nobody would like the idea and it would most likely cause a flame war

@Ninjapilot10 The game already has a system to do this then. When you start your next game, design a custom template and save it, problem solved.

i literally just said this plus half the suggestions given could be solved just as easy i’m just saying that it would be more conveinient

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the building i made as a storage unit (just an example of what i would be looking for)

If you place the boxes in the building editor, or the item placer (i don’t remember which (maybe both)), you can stack them on top of each other. It creates a really nice “storehouse” kinda look, I think.

And I suppose there’s also just the teleport command to move the boxes to where you want them…