Saving storage options in templates

i’ve been playing alot of stonehearth, and one thing that does tick me off (especially when i play in bigger saves with alot of hearthlings) is that for every home that has any sort of inventories (like chests etc.) always have everything or nothing enabled by default (depending on options), but what i would love to see is, being able to make presets to enable and disable diffrent things to be stored

As such an example is formed

A carpenters house inventory should be mainly wood, and maybe food (for the carpenter him/herself)
the producs he makes (furniture, windows doors etc.), but he has no need for stacking all that plantfiber that the tailor might need, or ores that the blacksmith might want

so i’d propose you can make presets of inventories, to be applied at your leasure.

another example, all the cook’s house accepts is, animal produce, vegetables, cooked foods Etc.

feel free to critique or pose similar ideas in here, i’d be interested wether this is a mostly me problem or not.

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I agree with this…setting the storage filters on building would be great. Also check out my suggestion on crafting queues it is very similar!

personally, i feel like adding an option in the crafting menu to set saved settings in the queue

like say, i just want a template to automaticly make 1 of every tool that profession can make.

so i get a new save, get a carpenter, and set that template, same way you would plan a building.

and an identical system for Storage containers such as chests.

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If you like it go give it a heart and say yay so more people look at it lol :smiley: