Um anything look odd about how there going about building this

i have 31 stone and no ones building

Are you sure you have enough wood?

there building that with stone
and yes i have tons of wood

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Maybe hearthlings need empty tile infront scaffolding to realize they can climb then and build? That’s all I can think of!

im 20 hearthings in i dont want to restart abd that builg still isent built even though there are 10 idling workers that could be building it

this one almost looks like the crafting table bug I found last week’
I had all the crafting tables but it was showing I didn’t have the needed crafting tables/levels/ect
what release are you on and are you on the unstable 14 branch?

also paging @jomaxro , dose this one sound like the same issue to you?
EDIT: the second post at least for this issue

yes im on 14 unstable i took a break from that save because that builfing being a hazard is annoying me