Um its not finished how do i tell them to get back to work on the structure

building a semi large structure and the hearthings just stopped working on it and are totally ignoring the incomplete project

^^^ this is what it currently looks lke ^^ thats what it should look lke i dont wanna use ib


I mentioned before, this does happen occasionally especially (but not exclusively) on bigger builds. If the Hearthlings won’t go back to it, and you haven’t got them doing other tasks (or eating or sleeping) then you may just have to use the instant build command to get it done I’m afraid.

This issue is well known by the devs and will be something they’re working on fixing.

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Wow! We definitely tend to build smaller buildings than that. Thanks for the screenshot.

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If they’ve abandoned the structure and it’s all at the same hight, Try placing a ladder to help them get to the next hight, some times you have to remind them or at least help the poor little hearthlings :wink:

im going to attempt a relaunch of the game that has helped some other builds (abandoned road builds and a home 40 times that size

i have no clue what i did (i didnt ib ) but i relaunched the game and went to bed with it running (and suprizingly still have all 8 hearthings on a normal gameplay map and this is what i woke up to