So I think we can confirm my Hearthlings are broken

So My hearthlings didn’t want to finish the first wall part so I had to use ib after a few ladders.
Now when trying to finish my last piece of the wall I said no way they are not finishing this one, and they didn’t
So tell me if this is enough ladders around my wall to make sure my hearthlings can reach their spot and build.

I gave them 2 days with those ladders on and they won’t build idk why!
We need a better way of getting water :smiley: I got 55 stone wells (We need a way to maintain amount of water in stockpiles)

hmm… kinda dumb question, but you did double check that you have the materials, right?

if you check out froggy’s thread for the mod, many people have suggested that, and he’s trying to find a way to do it :slight_smile:

Yep I have enough materials to finish this wall 10 times :slight_smile: but its not really a dumb question when thinking about a game in develop its easy to blame the game without noticing you miss the materials .!:smiley:

Wood for scaffolding isn’t listed in the building materials/requirements. Do you have any more loose wood in your stockpiles? Cut down some trees and see what happens.

I got like 120 wood laying around not being used

Hrm. I’d drop a savegame in the “buildings my hearthlings will not build” thread then.

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Alright will post my save soon hopefully some1 can let me know what I am doing wrong :slight_smile: thanks

One issue may be the step elevation. It is the wall on the top of the cliff that is not being built. there is a wall right below it. I have had these issues where Hearthlings will not began the scaffolding on the lower object to the higher. So on these type of construction I start from the higher elevation to lower. my thought is that the Hearthlings want to start the scaffolding from the ground, which is covered by the lower wall

Might be it tho it looks better to go with pillar on top of a pillar instead of pillar floor pillar for a wall design :slight_smile: , Maybe they will be smarter next alpha :smiley:

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can you remove the part that is on the edge of the upper dirt layer? seems to me when the scaffolting is removed when i is done you can still place the blocks there