So how do I help my hearthlings reach ground?

So I’m trying to build a wall to protect myself from unfulfilled promises but my hearthlings cannot figure out how to reach the wall. As seen in these images Imgur: The magic of the Internet they can access the building site from both sides. If anyone is able to help me I’d be grateful. Have a great day.

Got a pic from the other side?
My best guess so far is unintentional block placement clipping Into the floor or a wall or something

Imgur: The magic of the Internet I put a ladder on the other side to help them but it didn’t work. I guess I’ll try to edit the wall in some small ways until it works.

Especially look at areas where the wall and the floor touch each other, this is not so much about reaching as that one part can’t be built. Check where ever red parts touch anything else

Imgur: The magic of the Internet Okay, it worked after adding additional ladder and shortening one piece of the wall. My sense of aesthetics will haunt me for that but it’s better than no wall. Thank you very much

You may be able to add that extra bit once the bigger part is built

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As long as that block doesn’t clip into the ground, it should build fine. If replacing the block causes the redness to return, and it’s not clipping the ground (or another block), there may be something else going on; but as long as the area isn’t obstructed it absolutely shouldn’t be causing the structure to be un-build-able.

Could be that that piece is right up next to the ground. I’ve had to dig out around a few buildings which would then let them finish the build.

Seconding averestsnidea, if this is a one-off build I wouldn’t worry too much about building what I have now, and build a second “building” consisting of a few blocks to finish this one.

I had a similar problem. i found a ladder on the ground where my layout was done i just had destroy it.