Little fortress I built

Here’s an overview of the fortress

Here’s a close up of the walls and towers. My hearthlings can walk inside and on top of the walls and tower bridges.

Here is a little pyramid I made where my town fire and banner is kept.

Here’s the tower where the town leader would sit to watch over everything.

This is the fortress I carved out of the side of the mountain.

This is the first project I have been lucky enough to finish and I hope everyone enjoys it.


It’s great! I just think it needs more stuff in the middle of town, though…

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yeah that’s what i was thinking but nothing really came to mind so I thought that it would be a good idea to use the feedback I got to help with what I build in the future.

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Looks great! Thanks for the post :slight_smile:

Are you still working on it or have you moved on to other projects? I usually build my wall and then slowly fill in the actual contents of the town as i go. Sometimes it’s fairly quick but other times I’ll have a huge mine built or any number of other projects done before I’m finally inspired to build something in the town proper.

n00b question: are you guys building the fortress walls and stuff with the slab tool? Just curious, I tried that a few updates ago and didn’t have any luck with it. Just finding my groove and learning different techniques :slight_smile:

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I will probably continue working on this but I am starting to work on other ideas that I have. I find that sometimes it’s better to build something in the middle and start building out from there just so you can fit everything you want into a certain area.

Yeah we are using the slab tool and the AI is much better now so the hearthlings can build most of the things that you create. Sometimes for the more complex stuff you will have to do it in stages and build a lot of ladders around it or the hearthlings won’t be able to get to it and finish building it.


Looks cool! love how you design.

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Keep building and keep posting … I like the pyramid idea and the GOLDEN touch :slight_smile: