Fortified City: Building My first large scale castle

Been a while since I have played, so I figured I would share the construction of my newest city. The build is slow going, with lots of taking down buildings and rebuilding them.

The goal is to have a 3 level city, with each level being protected by its own wall, and each level performing a different function.

First level: Farming
Second level: Crafting and general housing
Third Level: Citadel




More of the outer wall is completed, and issues with scaffolding has been cleared up. Also starting to prep the second level of the city be taking out the mountain.



Nice Cross the lake shot of my outer wall:


at night:



thats looks amazing cant wait for the finishing model

Back to work on the City after a long break…





Moving mountains takes a long time…



Epic Walls, very impressive! Can’t wait how the city will grow in the next levels :smiley:

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Slow Going, but going…

Been working on trying to come up with more house variety…

Close up of curtain wall to support the second tier wall…


Really like the style of your walls!

Glad you all like the walls. What is not shown in the curtain walls are the murder holes which would help fight off the enemies that made it to the base of the wall. I am planning to do this to the outer wall but right now all hearthlings are currently taking down a mountain so i can start working on the second level of the city.

Looks good, Though why make a castle when you can make a bunker? xD

Figured I have not had an update in a while. I have made some new walls, that offer better protection, as well as still allow the defenders to shoot at anyone at the base of the wall. I have also made the new towers 4 levels high which i think looks a little better. I do plan to go back and redo the outer walls to match. Also redesigned the buildings in the lower section of town to now offer more variety and greater density.

As you can see in the distance I have some dedicated miners slowly taking down that mountain