Who is excited for multi storied buildings? This guy

I thought we’d all post some of our favorite multistory builds in memory of hopefully never having the process be quite so tedious in the very near future! I know there are many multistory discussions (such as the original) open but wanted to take this opportunity for people to post their finished builds.

So here is a recent labor of love which I hope will become less painful. This took 19 hearthling day’s and I have no idea how much stone (made possible by buying lots of stone)! Many many reloads.

Using ladders to assist.

Wish I had simply left an opening instead of the windows…we need some LARGE windows…

All those dang ladders.

A few reloads later.

Went crazy trying to match the greys (multiple reloads). In the end…well… the wall grey and slab greys are not the same.

Finished on day 1 of Dewmun!

Cut away view.

Wall-less view.


Put some furniture in dat castle! :smile:

But wouldn’t you rather have waaaaaaaaater?


Absolutely! I can’t wait to flood the dungeon of my castles! Also there are moats to think about…hum…which brings up the question…will our hearthings be able to move the water? Will we need to build them buckets first?

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