Welcome to Potbelly

Welcome to the cozy (heavily religious) town of Potbelly!

Here in Potbelly we like to keep our food close, and our Lord and Saviour closer.

Here is an overview of our little town

This is one of our three entrances. Our big fat walls are meant to keep out meanies, monsters, and those who do not share our beliefs.

If somehow beforementioned meanies do get inside, we can flee to our fort. Decorated with memories of wars our courageous army has won. (also some flowers)

These are the church and graveyard. In the graveyard lie fallen heroes and brave workers alike. All alone lies Zedd, the village idiot, who got himself stuck on a roof until he died of starvation. We do not tolerate hunger in Potbelly, hence the isolation. In the church praises to our Lord and Savior can be heard each morning before work.

Here you can see the church at night. Stories of faraway lands are being told around the fire. Zedd would sometimes stick his hand in the fire for entertainment, but that tradition went when Zedd did.

Every day at noon, everyone will come to the dinnertable and the whole town will eat together. The cook is often praised for her delicious roast Poyo.

A little dock was built after a passerby mentioned socalled ‘frish’ or something like that would possibly spawn in the deep waters at some point. We don’t know what these frish are, but they already sound delicious.

In the centre of our town we often gather to praise the old oak tree, whose brothers we had to slay to build this magnificent village. At the true centre we can find the Lord’s fountain, where his golden feathers bask in the light as he spews brilliant fresh water from his beak.

We have several shops around town, with our smithy being the most important, for he forges pure gold ingots that we mine from the rich mountain nearby.

How do you keep a whole town this well fed you ask? That answer lies with our farmers, who live a peaceful life just outside the town walls.

And with this last aerial view I’d like to end your tour of our little town. I hope you come visit us again soon, and that you too convert to our Church of the Poyo.



Very nice, quaint little town :slight_smile:




Wow. That looks like a cozy build. Well done!


My Hearthlings couldn’t decide on which to honor, so they built a temple to all 3 :slight_smile:

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But…but the Poyo is in the middle!

Netjes gedaan zwoele beer :stuck_out_tongue:

(translate from dutch) Nicely done zwoelebeer :stuck_out_tongue:

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wow this a beautiful, and definitely cozy, town! i absolutely love the style you used for it, i once tried to build similar to this but due to my lack of skill it turned out quite terrible :stuck_out_tongue:

if you ever expand this i would love to see what else you add! if this one is complete though, i would love to see any/all of your future builds!

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Hey your town/city/kingdom looks absolutely awesome and truly inspirational, just one question though. How were you able to build quite a building heavy town? I have tried many times to do something like this but sadly my town undergoes death by alpha :cry: before it can finish any of the buildings.

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I’m thinking of adding a quarry in the mountains but other than that I’m pretty much clueless. If you can think of anything else, I’d be happy to hear. :slight_smile:

I set my max. amount of hearthlings to 20, since I know more than 20 slows down my game quite a bit. Other than that…I try to keep away from anything that has a fire animation as much as possible since those eat speed at night. I have no clue what else allowes me to do more than you. I don’t know much about the technical stuff, but I’ve got 8gigs of RAM, what do you have?


You are looking for new buildings? How about a townhall or a bathhouse? The latter one could be connected to the lake your cozy town is build next to. I am sure, your Hearthlings would approve of such a building.

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Aquaducts, arena, citizen houses, plaza, parks, trees, market. Anything else you need?

Myself i try to do some research on what the certain theme has to offer and make something out of it

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As the nights grow longer and colder, Potbelly is piling up on delicious treats for frostfeast! To make sure that we could meet demands, food produce has been at an all time high. Several Poyo keeps have been built for a steady flow of fresh, well fed, rich poyo meat.
One of the elders returned from his journey to the ‘outer worlds’ with design for a windmill. This design, originally by master builder @Kestrel was built at once.

According to our weather forecast, which for now is still based on our hunter holding his ear against an oak tree, followed by an “ooooh, I see”, frostfeast will be colder than ever. To keep the frost out of our cozy little homes, the search for coal from the old mountains has begun.

Supervised by our engineer, we are now going deeper and deeper into the rich rock.

Frostfeast is a time to be with friends and family, but also a time to be thankful for the bliss we get from our Lord and Saviour.
For we musn’t forget what happens when we stop appreciating what we get from our Feathered Father.

Lo and behold, the ruins of our dark past. We once derived from the path, and that didn’t end very well. NEVER will we EVER question your powers again, oh beaked and omnipotent Lord.


Love the details of your town. The quarry is cool. And those ruins in the woods are just awesome. Keep up the good work. I am eager to see more of Potbelly.

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Thanks! The bathhouse is still on the drawingboard, construction will probably start when we have a decent amount of clay and a potter who is capable of building the finest vases.


I have full confidence in your renowned architects to come up with another highlight for the town. Lately, I sold 50 units of clay to an Iskender Merchant. Maybe he will visit your town soon as well and you can make a good deal with him for all that clay (provided you are still in need for it). Give him my regards, if you meet him :smiley:


this is making my day, so fun to read about this town hahahah


Working the dirt for food and mining in the dusty coalmine resulted in more and more hearthlings who started to show signs of either a cold or an occupational burnout. The herbalist wasn’t prepared for all these extra hearthlings seeking help, so he grabbed a pen-sized shovel and dug around in his notes, books, and foreign literature.
He found a strange ritual involving fresh, heated water, and an invusion of herbs. This ritual, originally from a strange cult, Rayya’s Children (whom we believe pray to some kind of monkey, pah!), would cleanse both the body and the mind.
Approved by the town’s counsil, plans were made for this ‘bath house’ and construction began. Our potter was eager to add Rayya’s culture to the mix, which was granted for the extra exotic experience.

The warmth of the embers gives the inside a feeling as if one was in an oasis (granted, a misty one).

The mountain’s riches are plentyful and Potbelly has a vast reserve of coal. Since it’s getting colder already, contractor and trader @BarbeQ was hired to construct chimneys.

If it were up to us, we’d stay inside till frostfeast is over.

Emission and global warming mean nothing to our cold toes.


Wow, this does look so cozy! Maybe I should by a lot in your town. Is there something available in the vicinity of the new bathhouse? :smiley:

Regarding your emission concerns: the Chimney Sweeper Guild just confirmed that the smoke is absolutely harmless and evaporates without any trace. No risks for health or environment involved. This was also approved through the use of a special testing procedure, developed by local cartwright Volks Wagen (famous for his zero emission wheelbarrows). Oh, and the Guild will soon send a representative to Potbelly to negotiate a contract about keeping all those new chimneys clean and healthy.