Town of Pontheugh

Welcome to Pontheugh.
it’s a small town located on an important river at the frontier of the empire.
in the old days of the empire, emperor Enguerran ordered the construction of a castle at the river in order to protect the shipping and trade routes between the frontier provinces and the capital that ran through the nearby area. as time was passing by a town started to form around the castle as Hearthlings saw protection and trade opportunities with the troops stationed at the castle.

to this day the the town has grown in size and wealth and it has become an important town for trade and supply of troops stationed along the frontier.
i hope you guys like it and if you have tips please share them with me.

the castle and the towers are from Metal_burner all credit for those buildings goes to him.

Picture of the town

The town at Night

The main gate

The Baron’s house

Pontheugh Castle

future harbor area


That’s so AWSOME!
I LOVE the looks of it. It looks like something from a fairy tale or something. Though the castle is a bit weird with one “tower” being different from the other 3. I’m always just so amazed when I see stuff like this. I don’t have time or patience for big builds like this, so in a way I get a bit “sad” to see such wonders. But it’s “sad” in a good way :merry:
Keep up the good work
Thx for reading :smile:


Beautiful! It looks like an actual town; I can easily imagine the relationship b/w the castle and the market. Great job! :smiley:


thanks for the replies, im now working on getting a small port for supply and trade but i cant seem to make something that looks like ship. so if anyone has a bit of an idea to do that i’m all ears. :merry:

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That is awesome. It’s always cool seeing really awesome towns so that I can try to improve myself at building (even though i’m not good at it). I like the color combinations as well as the walls with towers. The whole town seems lively and nice. The goblins even liked it so much that they built there small camp right next door.

age of empires castle

Amazing Town!!

It would be nice to see some day-screenshots too. From the market area for example…

Can you please share the Seed of this Map? :smiley:

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here is the map, the small Enclave is where i build my town.

i did change the percentage of plains from 40% to 75% in the Temperate_generation_data file.
if you want to change that BrunoSupremo has a really good guide for that.

also here are some day pictures of the town:

The marketsquare early in the morning

These field provide the town with food even during a siege

The cooks workshop

An small square at the tavern, for those who want to enjoy some peace and quiet

A momument to all those fallen here during the Great Goblin Wars

the other side of the main square. it is mostly a space for festivals


How do you make something so legendary? I’m here trying to figure out why my stupid Hearthling workers wont take down my apartment’s scaffolding!

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