The Outpost of Alcaria (Screenshots Inside)

So, this is my first go at posting any of my towns. It’s actually the first one I haven’t been bored with after about 20 in-game days. I’m guessing I can thank to extended campaign! This is on Normal difficulty at the moment.

The overview screen at the time all of the current screenshots were taken.

Image of part of the town with the fields and pens for all the agriculture.

Image behind the keep of the 2 housing complexes (each houses 6 hearthlings using slabs to divide the space into rooms), they look more like cheap motels though, lol. There’s also the rabbit statue with some benches, berry bushed and paths. At this point, I wish I had used the Decor Mod.

Front of the keep. I’m in the process of furnishing it. Took them about 15 days to build it. Surprisingly, they had no problems building it. Also uses some slabs to separate some of the internal space.