Welcome to Uisge!

As I said, welcome! What started as a two story barn quickly grew and thrived when the nearby mountains proved to be filled with riches. The people of Uisge had nothing to worry about from there on and soon they were completely save and satisfied.

Here we can see the town as a whole. Nice and cozy, but whoever came up with those antlers-like things on the roof must’ve had one too many!

Here we can see the smith being hard at work in her little corner. Due to her job being extra probable to burning a house down, she is the only one who has to work outside.

Here we can see the main farmlands. Tasty greens!

And here we can see the meat supply of the town. Don’t worry, those poyo’s are being looked after very well… until dinnertime that is.

A good meal can be tasty, but dining together gives it that extra flavour.

With the town’s walls protecting them from harm, everyone can snuggle together by the fire at night.

Well that’s all fine and dandy and I hope you enjoyed my build but I have some space left for expanding… but I DONT KNOW WHAT TO BUILD NEXT! Got any suggestions? :wink:


Looks really nice, Hamlets always look so quaint.

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Very nice, It’s a welcome break from all those great monumental cities. A simple nice town.

Great work :+1:

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Love it! And well done for the framework! :grinning:

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I love the detail you have put into the houses. Realy lovely!
And that infrastructure under the dinning hall roof! :smiley:

Have fun, Kyth.

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I cant wait for people like you to be able to export their structures and allow us to use them in game!

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