Sorenia The Mining Trade Town (A14-A17) WIP

First off this is a town I started in Alpha 14 (504) version.
This is still a WIP obviously and might not be often updated, but I will do my best when I get portions of it finished; or something I want to share. I have been playing mainly RC since A13, so it is no surprise that my faction is RC in the desert.

I had something in mind for this town, and the key concept came from an even earlier version of A14, but that file got bugged harshly during the beta test versions. Was not a way to fix that. So I decided to continue with the idea on a new map completely, even different seed number. However the location is roughly what I usually end up choosing; which is on plateaus. The other thing is I seemingly going for the cramped or well cluttered effect you would see in an arabian nights, just think aladdin by disney. How the town looked close quarters with many things a monkey would use as a jungle gym. One alley at a time.

That is the sky view of the Territory I have in mind and a Town view of what I have done. Surprised I got all of it in one shot… Well it is small to begin with.

This of 1 of 3 batches of buildings I have so far. The building on the right is the Potter Mason Cafe. The Potter & Mason share the bottom floor as a workshop and storehouse that runs to the right side of building. The Cafe on the second floor being my first building in this game was bland so I put some Mosaic treatment; those Floor tiles you can build. Is always busy around lunchtime even now that I have more tables and chairs eveywhere. There are a couple beds within the building itself, so it doubles as a small Inn.

The building to the left of the dining area is a 2 story square house I plopped down from my A13 blueprints. There is a door on the other side that I will show when I get a pic. This was the second building as I needed more bed space, and the 2nd floor serves as an extra eating spot.

The building on the far left is another 2 story, but what I would call more fancy. The upper floor is furnished with exotic goods.

In which I bought from a passing trader in the 523 build of game. Was going to use this pic as a bug thingy, but I’ll show it here. The bug is the bunny. Can you notice something a little off about it. If you guess it floating or looking like it is tacked against wall, you are correct. I am guessing it is just due to how the dresser was designed.

The building in back is just another small house. most of this was made modular. As I made the building first and then went back and did the stairs. I do this now with all my buildings that have a foundation; which is 80-90% of them.

In the first one you can see the Herbalists house with a flower garden aside it. Simple small, but enough for the herbalist to have a bed and workshop inside. As well a small storage for what he makes. The stairs in front leading down, just goes to the level below for access to the mining entrance I wil show later.

You can look through the little awning seeing a pathway going past the Storehouse for Skins & Plants. All the Herbalist and Tailor supplies that are raw. In the second pic you can see where it ends up and to the left you will see Tailor’s workshop and house. There is storage inside for crafted things among the bed and Tailor’s crafting benches… On the right you will see that 2 story house with a 3 way staircase.

Yes it is 3 way. On that just bridges up to the door and continues on, and a path that goes up to the second floor. Another bit of housing, but has an alley way with a wall at end. The Cafe area had one of these too if you look well enough. Only difference is this one does not have a ladder. By now you will notice those blue urns all over. Well here and there. Mostly those are extra food storage that I have scattered throughout the buildings and place. Always best to have one close by, so hearthlings will get the nearest food source and use what ever table is available and nearest.

As I mentioned I will be showing the mining entrance. It is right there next to her. Under the left side of bridge I dug a staircase down and mined out to right below. You can see a bit of it under the bridge, part of the tunnel. This is the most recent thing the hearthlings finally finished. sigh This took nearly a month in game to complete with scaffolding taken down. The mine tunnel entrance and bridge is one building. I don’t think I want to do that again. Too much wood.

Reason it took so long is obviously the wood shortage. I don’t like cutting down trees willy nilly. I am I guess what you would call a selective cutter. The cactus and bushes is what I got wood mostly from the environment, and what ever trades that came by. Always buying wood. Also this is my clay pit, if you can’t tell from the staircase like ridge running around the edge. I do plan to dig further down but have other plans before I do.

28 Dewmun - 18 Rainmun Bridge completion. That was a relief today.

My plans for the bridge, as it is the first road I actually laid so far; is to have the farming area on the other end all with storage and cookery.

Ah the final pic to show of the day, and one of the only buildings that could not complete. No not the Armory to the left. That place is my storage for equipment used by the hearthlings; this includes military, crafters, and workers equipment. Each chest inside holds a different type of item. I think I even have a couple chests I designated twice of one type.

The staircase I built separately, and oddly built. Glad it did, as it came out really well. The smtih on the other hand… The overhang open air part did build while the main building… was left a foundation. I’ve already reported it to the appropriate thread; which has this pic:

So you can see a comparison to what it looks like now.

That is all I have to show for today. I will add more, but at my own pace, so be patient. All buildings except the smith as noted did build. Everything you see is mostly modular in the way I figured out how I wanted to go about it. makes it easier to swap stairs, although I only have a few variations so far.

I might show off what I did with the floors of what I call my Sunhouse series of buildings. Basically named aptly by the floor design, and not because the roof has a sun roof. I mean come on what RC house doesn’t have a sunroof… lol

Anyway I’ll add more when I get a chance to take more pics or building something else among the buildings. :smiley:


Well been a bit. I finally got My Cookery done roughly the way I wanted it.

Front side you see the Cookery to the Right. The Food Storage is the one on the Left with the empty garden next to it. Most of it was done whhile A15 was still on the test branch. However the cookery stoop stairs and the stairs behind the place when A15 finally got to the Stable branch; as seen below.

The back side of the cookery shows the second story entrance to the cook’s room. The building to the right is the Miller with a second story for a couple farmers to sleep.

The whole area here I have plans to move my crops too eventually, just waiting on a few things to do first.

I got a picture of Arken Alley, the place where they love to shortcut to get up to the other level.

Is what I wanted to get a pic of before to show to shortcut they love taking.

Where I left off is the building you see being constructed, which is My Clay Fancy House that appeared in one of the stream to see if it would build.

That whole area is basically the market area, and now with the stalls I won’t have to make my own; or well it will cut down on how many I plan to make. Something like that, as I have plans for a few buildings around that plateau.

Well This is all for now, as I get more distracted by Stardew Valley… Switching between the two games roughly plus a third.

Anyway figured I would at least show some progress, even if it is a bit slow. Glad I finally got the stairs for my cookery done. Turned out better than I had imagined it. :smiley:


Time to show a few additions. So another round of… hmm… I guess the default game doesn’t have any drinks. :sweat_smile:

So I’ll bridge that gap another way:

This is the only other bridge I planned adding to the clay pit, but yet the other side I have not figured on which idea I want to put on the other side. The small bridge below that is. At least it was less scaffolding than the big bridge this time. Of course it is a smaller gap to cross, so makes sense.

You probably saw this in the night pic above, but yes I finally closed the gap and finished my A13 house that fit right into place. The Clay Fancy House you only see the awning walk through thing, but was the effect I wanted. The new building between the Cook’s Cafe and my old blueprint building is a bit more complex. You don’t see it on this side, as all you see is the front door and evidence of a second story.

Also I have been putting in a couple roads where I for the most part know where they are going to lay. Don’t know why it is one last things I am adding to certain places, but is a gradual process.

And the backside shows the complex part of that L-shape building. Ok not the most complex, but was apparently complex to the hearthlings. The patio between the other new building and the L-shape one is part of the L-shape building.

The new building in the shot off to the right is my furniture, door, and window storehouse. The pathway going down from the patio and in front is part of the storehouse. Needed somewhere to store the possible things sold at market. This is the market area after all, or a small part of it.

It will be a small market once I am finished, just glad they added stalls to the game. Makes for more room to build other buildings around them.

And yes that to the left is my Clay fancy house. Although had a bit of trouble building it, since I saved while it was building. Another A15 update came and when booted up the save they pretty much stopped… I know basically why at the time, and that is just due to how it was placed. The only other building I had to ib in. That makes 2. I know it will build solo, but it was just how I have it oriented. Don’t know if it would have finished with the next update after that which was yesterday, as it is already consoled in.

Didn’t have much trouble with the 2 other buildings, but did put scaffolding in odd places which I was forced to destroy, since they can not reach the scaffolding when it is in the block under their feet.

the storage one was the most troubling as they built the walkway before the actual building first. And they didn’t even put the right back wall on it. Suffice to say the back wall of that building is stone for some reason; even though I used the wall tool to make it clay.

Regardless I am going to keep it and continue expanding at my pace. :smile:


Well it has been a while. Reasons:
When I first booted this up in one of the first A16 earlier builds; the one after the big item fix, I had a run for my life. Let’s just say 8 giant skeletons all with long swords came to visit at that time. More or less the town got wiped out. For normal mode that was disastrous. So I let this town sit for a while.

It was not until someone mentioned a little change they added just before release that peak my interest. I went onto my lil’ town and what I got was a small band of kobold force with an ogre, and my 3 footman were able to strike down the foes. It was not easy, as they suffered severe wounds.

With that I was finally able to catch up and instate the needed classes minus the cleric. This made me happy to finally be able to get back to this lovely town of mine. I did eventually get a cleric by the time I finished these:

What you see in the pic is the small Market area I finally got around to thinking up something for, or at least the start. The 2 story building to the left is Probably going to be storage on the 1st floor you see here. Next to it further back you will see a little odd snipit of a walkway. It is something a little stylized for a walkway, but that is because it leads up to the plateau above via a staircase.

I plan to add the road last, as always; since the marketplace is not finished. I mean I don’t have all the market stalls I want in that small area. By the way the one you see in the pic was the first thing I placed in this area after finally being able to play in A16 with this save.

This is the backside of that 2 story building you saw in the first pic. I made a somewhat fanciful walkway up to the second story door from the upper plateau. That was the last thing I did so far, since the summer heat got to the electricity for less than a minute. Glad I run from a laptop.

Anyway the thing in the middle you see is that staircase walkway I was talking about before, but view from the other end going down into the market area. I like how that turned out, as it was the second thing I made and wanted roughly here.

There isn’t much decor in the pics due to my concerns with the heat, so had to stop playing for a bit today. So unlike I previously thought, I will actually be continuing to add onto this town little by little when I get a chance, or when I am not playing my other started map; which is in A16 from the beginning.

Thank you for reading, and hope yall enjoy. :smiley:


I love it, this city have so much feeling into it.

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I really like your creativity, how you design your buildings. It really inspires me :smiley:

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@Argen @DasDoenis Thank you.

I like building a few different styles, this is just one of them. Thought in mind was something similar to Aladdin the Disney film, or Aribian Nights style with my own touch as well keeping to the Raiya’s children’s Visual style. The basic concept is close quarter, with many routes throughout the city.

Glad someone got some inspiration. Oh in A16 all of what you see is able to build just fine, no matter how much scaffolding they use in certain instances. Checked a couple days ago on the smith in one my tester worlds, and actually builds; although again in a weird sort of way, but builds eventually. :smiley:

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Well I have worked a bit more on the small market area, although couldn’t get decent shots.

The 2 buildings in the back are what is new. 2 single story buildings; most likely homes. The one on the left is a second farmers’ house, as the door is in that direction on that plateau. That specific house had the most foundation, so I put a little alcove below the small balcony.

The stairs between the two buildings is the 2nd way out of the market place.

I say second because it would be a major route through window shopping… Seriously I am sure windows are being sold in the market… Regardless at least a few of the buildings house the markets’ supplies. Did the final touches getting storage for the last remaining furniture item things.

This will probably be the last touchup with the market for now, since I am awaiting for the next update for other things. So I’ll probably work on another part of town till then. :smiley:

Noticed in the last pic, quite a bit is not finished and left that way on purpose, since I haven’t fully decided if I want a wall or a building near the stairs. I’ll leave that for another time. Really need to get to making my carpenter & shepards areas. If not a few other things.

Right now though with this the market area makes the rest of the town look less busy. It is the most dense packed with buildings; almost making it look like a center piece where they built outward from, but I am sure that will change in time. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sooo… A17u is out. Hmm… Building, or well hardly building. You will get it once I show what progress I have made. First for a bit I was not getting enemies spawning; in the first couple builds I believe. Once the fix happened, all mobs that were spawning in that time appeared all at once. That was a battle and a half and almost lost that one. Ok, my trapper died… Had to replace although trapper not really needed, but like having one for what they can sell off.

I basically cleared all that was remaining that could be reached, while doing this and that with the town. 3002 was when I actually did build a couple structures, however mostly I placed items; a lot of items. No not the new monument, although I do have one of those already crafted; which is a big hint at which one I was able to.

Anyway you are probably here to see my progress:

Quite difficult to get an angle on such a busy town. Busy as in buildings being close together. I managed a couple from what would be somewhat the front of my new Mason’s Home. Not the workshop, as that is still the same place, but wanted to make a house especially for my mason. The potter took up residence to a house’s second story.

Yes the busiest part of town so far. Seems I have been quite focused on this section due to the market place. Believe it or not there will be a couple more buildings out that way; at least. Just didn’t feel like doing those just yet. Did place a few things there like the other market stall you barely see in the pic. Had to remake those to get the new dimensions they changed em’ too. What you don’t see I may show for another time when I work on the other 2 buildings I have planned.

The potter’s place is up those stairs to the right of the mason’s house, which in that pic you see the backside of. One of the tallest buildings, or so it looks anyway. Foundation does wonders to a building’s height.

As you see I started moving over the farm area to where I actually wanted it. Eventually I will decide on where it all will spread out and which crops to put in each section. For now at least the corn looks happy with a roadside view. :slight_smile:

Speaking of farming… Ok you get the picture obviously, it is my Shepard’s Barn House. 1st floor is the barn area with double doors and storage and hay bales. 2nd floor is the Shepard’s Home, or should be if I can get only the shepard to sleep there. At least the bed is designated.

Anyway as you can see I just made 3 simple stone pens for each of the critters I could… Fence in. Wood would not make sense considering how little wood harvest I get from traders and well I don’t feel like harvesting those trees. I like using them as part of the town rather than mark them with a red X. Didn’t really need too many of the critters since their produce isn’t much that I need, or just enough.

I also moved the silkweed to a garden area between the Shepard’s place and Tailor. Took a while to setup those fences, since I wanted to cover a certain area with 3 pens. I may add another sheep pen in the future, but that at the moment really isn’t needed due to my silkweed harvest which will expand over time when I get to those areas that have more to add.

That is about it, as it was mostly placing things more than building. Been wanting to get that particular Farm setup for a long time now. Will have to figure on which buildings to work on when I get a nice supply of wood in storage, as right now I am lacking due to all the crafting of new things I was doing with the engineer. At least the citizens are happy. :slight_smile: