Silverthorn Alpha 20

Silverthorn, the first town i have ever built in this game a few years ago. Silverthorn Village is all about mining and Blacksmithing. Few of my stories are based around Silverthorn and Tree Top Inn located there.
The overview of Silverthorn, so far. Slowly growing it up the hill to the mountains to get the full spectrum of mining.

The Log wall of the town.

Farms of Silverthorn, This is the main food warehouse. Also irrigated, from the river (all prefab)

The Cooks house and Kitchen, located by farms and the warehouse for fast access. He sure does love his space.

Small Barracks Locate by front of entry way to Silverthorn. Hold 4 soldiers, not one complaint from them yet. A bigger barracks will be built up farther.

Carpenter House and workshop. He also loves his space.

What i have so far. so far the game has been smooth, no bugs. Also will focus here, till done or breaks. then will move on to finish Tridale.

Side note: All the building are being saved to template’s, If yall want them just let me know and i will load them up here (tagged under Silverthorn House ect ect)


Looks great so far! Love your buildings. :slight_smile: Would very much enjoy having these templates!

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they are up, under Michael's Templates


Had to redesign 2 build so far, Mason and Weaver are done, will up load those later. Also built a Tappers house or a 5th House, and set farms up.

Trapper House in the woods, took several hours to get this to happen, Had to manipulate the roof so much by filling in and maneuvering the roof,then erasing to make this. (yes i could have drawn roof, but that doesnt go away in view modes :P)

Weaver House

Mason House


Very nice, I foresee peoples towns being very large and spread out now that the changes have went through to try and keep people happy. Probably gonna “borrow” that weaver design and turn it into a clay house for my weaver in my Rayya town.

How do you get those fences into the blocks?

It only works when you blueprint.


In more detail, I believe what you do is:

  1. Have fences in your inventory
  2. In the building editor, add blocks under where you want your fences.
  3. Go into the place item from inventory menu [P] (not the furniture/decorations menu in the building editor)
  4. Click the fences, and then place them down on top of the blocks of your building. Instead of giving the order for them to be placed immediately, this adds them to the blueprint for some reason. They also get smaller collision boxes for placing.

Then, if you misplaced fences and want to remove them from the building you’re working on, go into the editor, click the eraser, and then click any fences you want to delete.


Update: The over all Town so far, working their way up the mountain. Life has been easy as they put walls up early and shut everything out lol.

A closer look at the Animal Stock being prepared.

The full set of farms, suprisingly with a cook and 1 farmer, they have been sustaining themselves really well

A look at the town at night

One of the main squares for the hearthling to rest. I call this River Square

The farms at night.

A closer look at the farms from Hearthling view

The Busiest Road in Silverthorn right now,

A look down where the shepard resides most days

A closer look at River Square. Very relaxing

Next up more templates, the next level of the mountain, and the town hall.


Opinions, Should I go Red and Golden on the smaller trees or Both Golden


The former, red and gold. :merry:


Okay here we go, going for this build in one shot. already lagged my game for 3 min trying to plan it lol

@not_owen_wilson “IF” this builds, i will give you cookies


Blacksmith, Engineer, and planned potter.

The main Mine for Silverthorn

The new Barracks Location


After a week,and frustration. Finally got it Built and outside designed and built.

Low and behold Treetop Inn
5 inn room, with 2 floors for the tavern. Fireplace on Bottom floor


Night Shots

My towns Mood


LOL got mad at the game, was designing the Townhall, and was almost done. Well i hit the undo button cuase i didnt like something, and it totally erased my whole design but 6 blocks lol.

the Treetop Inn is lagging my game just a tad, or it could be all the mobs outside my town idk lol :merry:

I walled myself in and had mobs outside my town and it made my game pretty laggy. I killed them and it went away.

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Designing Townhall for Silverthorn. This isnt Silverthorn. This is Builderville. its where i design all my build as it the most stable. had it for months :stuck_out_tongue: and on peaceful setting.

Opinions, does it look to cluncky or yeah go with it?


So gonna change that build to the church, it looks more Small Church of Cid (Based out fo Tridale Build) to me

But i think i have the Townhall in this one, Included the offices that the Mayor works in and his bed room, along with a meeting hall :merry: the center will have a firepit, and a safe banner flag


Got the Townhall built in Silverthorn, pics soon. Next up Stone Martket


How did you get that indoor wall in? Nothing I’ve tried let’s me do that.