Silverthorn Mining Town A16

Well a start to Silverthorn

The town will be built going up the mountain, The 2nd hill will be farms, Main warehouse#1, and carp shop, weaver shop, and cooks Kitchen, Along with a small dinning area, Tree Top Inn and more houses. The 3rd hill will contain Mason, Blacksmith, Potter, some houses and Main Warehouse #2, also the Silverthorn Corp build. The tops of the mountain will have the main mine

The lower half is pretty much set. Set up an area that the hunter hunts in and lives at, and yes he actually stays at the house i made for him, was kinda tricky to get to happen but left an area for him alone, with a small warehouse attached to his house for furs, rest goes to the main area.

The herblist is set in a cave, fully built with 4 beds to accommodate those in need.

The small stock area (temporary)and Lower half of the mine.

Town hall, not big, but sufficient for the needs now, Has a watch tower and the safe banner is inside.

Next up is the Silverthorn Long West Road, couple of houses and a fishing lodge and the walls to stop those pesky mobs


Nice work!

How did you get the walls for the herbalist inside the cave? Did you carve out 2 levels, and the built the walls inside? How about ventilation? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

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yup with trail and error, walls are 6 high, if u ladder for 4x4 block on higher part, then do the lower, Leaving u 9 blocks carver out, u can fit the walls. But no roof, as it only leave 3 blocks to play with.They will only build part of the the roof. So went walls only, then capped it off outside

Very nice, I like your multi-color roads - did you manually place those bricks?

Those should be standard colors, the last ones on the color list.
The game should do this automatically.

some of the road is manually placed, to make it look more worn, in the middle is the actual white stone road.

Yeah, its the worn roads i like, where its not all just gray.

Some time today, worked on farms, and ranches. A raw food storage area. and the carp shop

Next is the Main warehouse #1, for cooked foods,hides, wood and stone and temp spot for ore. The Cooks kitchen, and Dinning hall (if hearths dont want to run to homes), gonna finished roads and walls after all is done.


The reason i haven’t moved on with this. it’s not abandoned

1: work, Just been a tad bit busy. lol

2: preformance. Idk why but the game has be laggy and preforming poorly.
Ie i mean this is affecting not just the game but my computer as well. Only on the game since A16 started. so gonna wait a bit till it gets rectified

3: getting tons of AI spins

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