Return of Silverthorn

Idk how much i’ll be working with this, been busy a lot lately, and can not work on , Since new Alpha.

This is still small

The town so far

My Wooden Log wall design

It kept them at bay, but COME ON spawn that close lol


Small update, walls upgraded, expansion going in.

Building up rest of bottom walls

Overall of the bottom of Silverthorn

Start of Expansion


Sidenote, Kinda redonkulous (made up word not misspelled) how many crypts are coming up

This is not counting the 4 i already took out, the goblin camp the 3 wolf camps, the small goblin fires, the stone giants, the ent’s, wolfs, UHG lol


can you share templates of your buildings or the wall?
the big building with the tower looks interessting

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