Hearthling Modern house design 1 - New Build, Hearthling Town: Start

Hey everyone!

So today I attempted my first modern house design, But made it even more challenging creating it all out of slabs.

Q&A time with Stoneheartfan!

Q: Is it true Chuck Norris built this without ladders?
A: Yes it’s true… I tried my best but he beat me!

Q: Why is there a helipad on the roof of the house?
A: Why isn’t there a helipad on the top of your house?

Hope you like this house! I’ll be posting some new house design’s in this thread too in the next week or too!


That’s awesome!
Now to make a helicopter for the helipad! :smirk:

When you said “Modern House Design”, I was half expecting it to be a double-wide trailer home with pixelated pit-bulls…

… I really need to get some sleep.


this is so dang good! i cant wait to see more from you :smile:

beacause… well… umm… (i will go and sit in my corner of shame and cry now…)


Very nice! Glad to see some builds on the Discourse. I’ve been swamped with work myself, so I haven’t done anything for a while–nice to see your stuff in the meantime!


That’s awesome! I have been a little scared to try building my own house based on how my 21 years of lack of creavitiy but I might be interested in trying now. I feel inspired by this! :smiley:



Well as we’re used of Stonehearthfan, yet another piece of art! He didn’t earn that title by building piles of stone :smile:

Thank you! I intend on making a airport in the near futrure so helicopter’s will be added to either the roof of this or just add a load of planes to the airport! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you glade you like it! There will be more in the future no doubt! :smile:

Thanks you, You shouldn’t be scared to build your own house! I always find it easier to find a design and see if it works. I know you can build awesome stuff if you put your mind to it! :smile:

Thank you!

fact of the day, 60% of my builds started as a pile of stone


i know but don’t ruin the other ppl’s bright imagination :wink:

The way i imagine you work is like this:

  1. Roll a map with a BIG mountain
  2. Carve out the moutain till it’s smaller
  3. Give that mountain a bit more shape
  4. Carve out more
  5. Reapet steps 3 and 4 till you have ur building!
  6. hide the massive amount of stockpiles in the screenshots, where you put all of the stone :smile:

I really like these threads, they show how extremely useful slabs can be :slight_smile: Good Job


You mean he doesn’t come in your map and just punch the ground and vola you have a build


He didn’t even show me his ground punching skills, He just made it appear! Should have sued him for copy right

Thank you, I feel slabs right now are more useful than the grow wall tool. It just doesn’t like my weird placements on floor. but for 55% (yes its accurate) the build wall tool is a life saver haha. :smile:


Great job! The other mansion you posted on Youtube is equally as awesome!

Thank you and glad you liked the mansion! I have a few more builds I will upload of things like the Mansion. I will be building a lot more like this in the near future! Thanks again :smile:


That is AWESOME @Stoneheartfan

Wow feel like I’ve wrote thank you so many times in this thread! haha Thank you @BloodW0lf. A appreciate all this support so much!

Thanks guys! you’re the best :heart:

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excellent work (as always) @Stoneheartfan … love how you managed to actually give it that art deco vibe…

well done! :+1:

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Thank you so much @SteveAdamo, I have a bit more planned to add to this build over the weekend. Got to admit I am extremely excited for Alpha 10, Finally with water and Multi-story building I can Start on a city build (depended on memory that is :stuck_out_tongue:) Thanks again :wink:


Love the modern house @Stoneheartfan very well made.

@SteveAdamo, speaking of @Stoneheartfan’s title…why isn’t architect capitalized?

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Thank you @TurtleSquish! I am not worthy of having 2 capital letters I guess! with budget cuts its hard to afford capital A’s these days :wink: