Alpha 16 buildings - A modern house!

So I made this modern house, I want to get into making things like this weekly, I already uploaded a youtube video of this, but thought I’d share some pictures here :slight_smile:

I’ll link the youtube video in a later post once I fix the channel up a bit, I’ll link the channel in case you wish to see things like this made, and stuff, as I hope to do weekly builds like this for youtube. Anyway hope you like it :smile:


Maybe it’s just me, but your building looks to me more like some kind of mediterranean villa than a modern house. Anyway it’s a great house and interesting design.


You may have a point, Its like a mix of both, and thank you :smile:


Hey everyone, A real quick update, So for a while I’ve been considering starting youtube again continuing on with the building series, One or two episodes a week, but I’d like to know from you guys, what would keep you interested apart from the build? I don’t know if it was my editing last time or it was bad, I must admit it was boring, I am going to put a lot more thought into editing and trying to make it more entertaining, but as I probably won’t be speaking most of the time on a mic, I thought it may get boring to watch. So if you have any ideas, please let me know :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, is there a way to turn inventory space up? I want to store more than 1K of wood and the game isn’t letting me xD

getting more hearthlings increases the inventory cap

might i ask why you want to store more than 1k of wood?


I wanted to store more because I’m about to do a really big build, It will probably take over 1K of wood, and I chopped almost every tree on the map xD, I asked about the cap because one of the messages said something like, Don’t increase the cap, use some or delete it. So I thought there may be a setting, But anyway, Thanks for clearing that up, Much appreciated :slight_smile:

well you can also craft the “wood piles” (from the carpenter) which take 18 wood logs, and turns them into a place-able item, effectively freeing up 18 spots of inventory and then when you need those logs back just use the harvest tool on the piles :smile:

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Oh so that’s how they work, haha, I guess its time to make about 40 of them, I noticed them a while ago but didn’t think to do that just now, Thank you, Thats really helpful :smile:

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