Show us your Alpha 10 Awesome Builds!

Hi. I have a side project to completely re-do the media section of the main Stonehearth site. This is long overdue!

If you’re building something particularly awesome in Alpha 10, by all means please post a screenshot here, and maybe I’ll include some shots from the community.

If you do, definitely make a save game, so I can reproduce your screenshot in my own game.



just going to toss in some from some of our illustrious members… :smile:

(no time to properly compile tonight)








the time is come, i shall now create the tower…

edit: @Tom how long do we have?


can’t build what i want because zombies get on my head every night


Have you tried peaceful mode? I totally forgot there even were zombies until the bug (now fixed) that added them to peaceful mode…

Knocked this town together over a few hours today (note: excessive use of the “ib” console command :stuck_out_tongue: )…

And, should you need a save game, here it is via Dropbox (I hope :stuck_out_tongue: ):


i was like, thats a pretty cool town.

then i saw the wall and i was like :open_mouth: that wall is amazing!


Yeah, great idea @Teleros. I’m stealing that.


Can we have mobile wallpapers, please!

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It’s okay, but not like some of the pics @SteveAdamo linked above. Then again though, I’ve mostly stuck to just using the basic build tools for it, rather than going slab-crazy.

What else… the mine entrance right up against the cliff doesn’t actually work due to pathfinding issues ( :stuck_out_tongue: ), but the “rope bridge” up to the top of the cliff is fine, and I rather like the house with the overhanging 1st floor :slight_smile: .

I still need to do some testing to see if the new build is stable enough to handle the awesomeness I’m dreaming of.

I know this isn’t an “awesome build”, but I thought it was a pretty shot, and would show people that viewed the media center what a small town would look like if they weren’t master builders:


still trying to build this


wow, i cant wait to see the finished product @flpsantoss :smile:

these are the kind of builds that put my builds to shame… :weary:


don’t think about it, that build is a work in progress made by save and load many times, looking for pictures of greek temples and waiting hours in a attempt to make it look cool. I have a big issue with the 64bit version that make the game really slow


Screenshot spam time!

Yes, I decided to make yet another idyllic settlement in peaceful mode, and took a few screenshots of it. Dropbox link is below for those who want it (eg more screenshots for @Tom :slight_smile: )…

The main entrance. Sadly the camera didn’t want to angle itself low enough to get a nice view right down the path :frowning: .

The village is a “U” shape around the lake and protected on 3 sides by the cliffs. At the top of the “U” though is the entrance, and then this rather flashier wall.

Fisherman’s house & jetty, with the church just visible in the background.

The church. Annoyingly, the lower roofing is all placed in one go, as I’d have preferred to do different angles. Oh well, alpha & all that.

The town from the rear at night.

The main entrance. Ultra-efficient 1x10 strip farms are just visible, but you need a keen & knowing eye to realise they’re gaming the farm system from here IMHO.

The multi-storey inn, complete with small balcony.

Behind the scenes. Bit depressing though: 2.75 full, max-size stockpiles entirely of food is barely enough to get my town size up to 18 (!).


im weeping at this amazingness that my eyes cant handle… :joy:

that and the fact that my builds never get even close to the awesomeness of yours… :laughing:


The “ib” command in the console is your friend :wink: . I’ve been using that all over the place in the two save games I’ve posted in this thread, but then the raison d’etre of said games has just been to make screenshots for the Media page.

My regular games tend to feature much less interesting work: any old wall can keep goblins / zombies out after all :wink: .


how does one use this? ive heard it mentioned before but i actually dont know how to use it :laughing:

Bring up the console with the “@” symbol, type “ib”, and then hit enter (no quotes BTW). I also use the “destroy” command to do things like clear out selectable objects I don’t want (basically anything that’s not water / terrain. You can even delete the ghost versions of objects, though that does break them :smiley: ).

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