My Alpha 13 Kingdom - Valgarde

Hi all, so this is my first big build and first time posting (so i hope ive done everything right and posted in the correct section) my kingdom of Valgarde, current population of 30 and its pretty much 90% complete, ive learned a great deal making this kingdom and will be starting a new kingdom soon, if anyone has any tips or suggestions to make my new kingom even greater, id love to hear them.


it is really amazing, hope to see more details about this kingdom


For your next, the only tip I can give you is to add another color, like one color for each type of building. In this pictures, I think if all the walls had a different roof color from the builds it would look even better.

first off, welcome to the discourse @Serendipity! :smile:

this is an amazing build! glad to have another awesome builder on the forums, i look forward to seeing you and your future city’s on the forum.[quote=“Serendipity, post:1, topic:19276”]
so i hope ive done everything right and posted in the correct section
[/quote]its all good :thumbsup: and even if it wasn’t, i could have easily changed it for you. :slightly_smiling:

@Serendipity, welcome! That is an amazing build!

I would respectfully disagree here…I like the consistency and single building style.


I agree too, It all looks nice with the consistency, I like what you did with it all, Good job! :slightly_smiling:

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Well, it doesn’t look good if the town is a colorful rainbow of course, but I would make the towers have a different color from the houses.

If too colorful, for consistency, just use different shades instead of different colors.

It is not like he has plain builds anyway :slightly_smiling:

How much of this was build by hearthlings (not using cheats), and how many templates did you used? It would be a nice idea if you didn’t to save them as templates, even to reuse in other worlds.

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I’m definitely keeping an eye on this. Looks impressive so far!

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Thanks for the comments all, glad you like my build, i did try a few buildings with a red roof, but my personal prefrence was to just keep it all in blue. (i like consistency) @BrunoSupremo all of the city walls and interior buildings we made by made hearthlings, however i did have to cheat with the 2 bridges joining the towers and the roof of the main citadel, they stopped building the roof of the citadel half way through it and they wouldnt build the bridges at all so i was forced to cheat, hopefully with the lessons ive learned from this build i can do my next one 100% legit.


Really nice! Feels a bit elvish with the thin towers.

On the nitpicking side of things:
The towers don’t have windows, do they? I see something that might be holes (windows) just below the roof, but I’m guessing that’s just shadows. So, windows the next time. For your hearthlings sake. :wink:

About the single-color-consistency-discussion:
I’m… mostly fine with it (feels like a weird way to say it but anyway). There are some walls without windows or other details that feels a bit too flat and empty. Having details in other shades would help break it up, but of course that would change the style so it’s probably better to add other details, like lanterns instead.
I would suggest using a lighter grey, almost white, so it’s more like white marble instead of this concrete grey. It would add to the elvish style and maybe make it feel like there’s some special technique or even magic reason to the consistent style.

Looking forward to see more from you! :smile:

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Amazing build. I´m really impressed. I particulary like the walls around the town, the decoration you put on them, and the big window desings in some of the buildings, great hall, church… Signposts and barraks are lovely too. Great work!
Looking forward to see more!

As for tips… The walls are too monochrome. Try using more than one colour when designing them. It helps faking depth, age, textures, etc. It brings the buildings alive ;).

Have fun, Kyth.


wow… I’m surprised you got the hearthlings to be that wall. Having trouble with awnings attached to buildings. So free standing awning like actually works… Might have to try my hand at that.

I can actually see why they didn’t build the bridges. More likely has to do with the arch part of it. In on of my houses it has a wrap around stairs with a walkway below it, and I made it arch a bit to the bottom of the stairs. Of course they refused to even start that building… I guess I went a bit overboard.

Might be also that it is floating in mid air too. the bridges that is. As I find things that are grounded seem to work well. That would be difficult to make a grounded arch, because then it wouldn’t be an arch. It would be foundation. ><

Anyway nice lovely settlement you have there. Aught to try more things beyond buildings myself. Namely the walls; with my own touch and in RA style. Have something in mind. :smiley: