My Viking Items [WIP]

Hey Hearthers

I have created some Viking Shields and wonder what you all thought… I really enjoy Viking stuff and i know another member was previously making a Viking mod but thought i’d have some fun making some stuff.


List of Items I will try to make:

  1. Around 5 Good looking Shields
  2. Set of Amour mainly trying to make it look like Fur
  3. Weapons (mainly Axes)
  4. Using the Shields i will try to make a Furniture piece to be placed on walls (or the side of boats :P)

That is the list so far… Think the amour will be the hardest at it appears to be in different section due to animation but will try


i really like these designs! any plans to make more viking models? (weapons, armor, etc)

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I want to say yes :stuck_out_tongue: but the shields were as far as i have managed… (first time using Qubicle or however its spelt)

I need to check a little more in detail whether these are big enough shields in game as i have looked at other threads on here and some shields appear a lot more detailed… maybe i can make these a little more detailed with some shading

Does anyone know the largest square shape that can be held by a character without it clipping into something else?

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i’m not sure how big it can go without clipping, but currently the largest shield is the bronze one at 12x12…

Ah sweet i used the bronze one as the base by chance :stuck_out_tongue:

i shall get creating :smiley:

interesting looking through the game files however :stuck_out_tongue:

lots of stuff which might be added soon

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