Appearence versus reality: A modest town

Lately i have been working on a new settlement, this one offers great protection against those pesky goblins. The town may appear like a small walled camp with a small (uncompleted) building, but if you stroll on into the structure you will find a ladder leading down to an immense underground cavern complete with sleeping areas, crafting spots, farms, and plenty of storage.


you can farm on stone? cool xD -> very nice building!

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I can’t wait for archers, then they can stand atop the walls and fire, given that their range isn’t too small, and that we can set positions


yeah that would be great but i think at first we need chickens for feathers -> arrows xD


oh yeah i forgot about chickens


we need chickens for targets


-.- ähmmmm yes alright … can somebody call PETA? :wink: … moving targets ^^ nice idea but i think there are enough goblins for this job :smiley: see the forum about the tokens and the tokenwalls ^^


I wish i could get rid of the goblin trophies, they just take up space, do they actually server a purpose, like keeping the goblins at bay?

i build a complete wall without doors around my village -> issue resolved ^^ ok pro at the moment you can remove the walls or set afterwards that they shuold build a door in the wall ^^

now we just need to be able to make more than 1 floor (easily) and we can make proper walls

Things i hope are put in in alpha 9:
*Archer with better bows to upgrade, recurve, longbow
*More than 1 story for buildings
*A fix for footman not getting upgrades
*set positions for footmen to take at night
*more decor
*More iron ore in the world
*use for the trophies


Looks like you ha\ve turned the game into “Prison Architect” :stuck_out_tongue:

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The town has suffered 2 major losses, worker Hodor and trapper Strider have fallen pray to the cold earth, one from starving to death by standing in place and the other because the AI made him run off and huddle in fear until he died. RIP

And I can only hope more will not follow, when I last saved I failed to notice the 12+ goblin horde surrounding my town, I only hope that the new update fixed footman in time.