(WIP) Town of Rabitspring

Here’s a look at Rabitspring, this town has been through a lot. I’ve completed the goblin campaign and the orc campaign. The town is much inspired by the original concepts of Stonehearth, and some inspiration from the templates. Rabitspring still has a long way to go before being complete. To the time of the initial post the city has 35 citizens and counting! Although there is no show of stopping then the town must go on! I hope you guys enjoy the screenshots, also I’m open to building ideas please comment below if you have any!


I really like your mine tunnel entrance. It’s really cute! Also what is that tall tower with the four corner buildings off of it. It’s really neat looking!


this town is beautiful! it reminds me of the old kickstarter promotional images (especially the third pic). amazing work mate, thanks for sharing :smile:

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@Feashrind you really captured the stonehearth feel with this build. Simple and cute. Well done.


Thank-you for the wonderful comments, I really appreciate them all.

This building is heavily inspired by the Fable famous Bowerstone Tower, with a little Stonehearth mixed in . Kind of sad I couldn’t actually get a clock face in-game. Maybe one day.The spire itself is walls stacked, and then the bottom four little buildings were also raised walls but with a custom roof.

The tunnel entrance was originally designed to be a house, kind of like a hobbit home. Instead I turned it into a tunnel just because I didn’t like the look of a house being there.


question: how did you make those walls? When I tried making walls it went horribly wrong and pretty much everything went wrong and I couldn’t delete the half finished structure.

your city looks very good btw

Hey there @Konemonu welcome to the Discourse :smiley: (err, first post at least, seems you’ve been lurking for a bit).

Which walls are you referring to?

the big walls around the city

This place looks awesome… it makes me want to visit and talk to as many NPCs to load up on quests, and then check the market for new gear. Please keep up the good work :slight_smile:


I love your walls! I’ve been stabbing at wall building myself. Haven’t been doing that great lol, but I’m getting there. You just gave me inspiration!

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Cool dude, nice job but like don’t you have any fps problems or is that just me? cause when i come to that late game state, my fps is like 10, and ind the start when i create a game it’s like 200fps

(Wipes the dust off the post) I’m never one to brag but I do have a powerful rig. There are times where it chugs, but beauty has its price.