The City of Rabul

Hey everyone,

Currently I am building my latest town in stonehearth “the City of Rabul”, and I wanted to share my work so far.

First a little backstory:
The City of Rabul, is located in the middle east. Where drought has allways been burden for many people. But not for the citizens of Rabul. The town was founded on an oasis laying in the middle of hills that have been used as walls against the many dangers that try to terrorise our lovely hearthlings. First as a merly resting place for travelers to take shelter, but it quickly grew to a prospering town. Now Rabul is growing into a triving city, where its great walls stand to fend of any danger that wants to attack the hearthlings it shelters, Merchants come to sell their most precious wears, and fierce warriors come to test their strenght in its arena.

Please tell me what you think my town so far and what you like to see next.

List of Buildings that are currently in development:

  • palace
  • mosk
  • Mines
  • Bathhouse
  • Bazar

My friend this is very splendid Bravo! :heart::heart_eyes:

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That is flipping awesome, I really get the shade alleyway at night in agrabah feel from some of the pics. And that colloseum y thing looks wicked!

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Such a talented build! Looks so awesome @Brease :heartpulse: :tornado: :merry:

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