50 Hearthlings and running pretty smoothly

I reached 50 hearthlings in my settlement and they seem to be doing okay, game version 0.20.693. I did need to remove shadows completely and reduce lights at night down to 12 (probably more to do with my graphics card than anything else). :smiley: But the stuttering seems minimal unless there are too many events going on at once, i.e. fighting in two places and building something and harvesting/mining lots of things, in addition to the normal hauling of items.

I was unlucky in my stats and didn’t get very many good soldiers throughout the whole run. I only ended up with 15 and the last two hearthlings became soldiers. There were one of each crafter, with 2 cooks. I had 3 trappers, 4 shepherds, and 5 farmers. The rest were workers.

I learned that moving the animal feed production to the top of the cook’s list is really needed for egg and replacement-animal production. LOL I wouldn’t have needed that 4th shepherd (for a second chicken coop) if I had realized earlier why the egg numbers were very low.


You should take a few screenshots of your city to share with the rest of us. I bet your town looks awesome.

LOL Thanks, but I didn’t go wild there. I was aiming for the 50 and to see how things worked at the max.

I will post one when I figure out how. :slight_smile:

If you’re using the steam version F12 is the button to take screenshots.

Thanks, Omegasa.

Nothing fancy, just mainly basic buildings or slightly altered ones. I mostly housed my hearthlings in barracks (the 6 one-story buildings in the center) except for the crafters. They had enough room that they were happy.


There must be TONS of stuff in gold or items, I had a town of about 44 and trying to reach the net worth each day without going crazy on inventory was getting pretty sketchy. My town was still running smoothly but between all the buildings and walls the AI was getting a little confused as to what they needed to be doing.

I try to keep each crafter busy making items to sell as long as the materials are available. For the wood, I just gradually clear the area around my town and then plant trees when they’re available. The pastures, traps, and farms keep the herbalist and weaver constantly busy, even too much so I sometimes sell off excess materials (at a loss compared to those made into something). I mine in that mountain and underground, for the mason, blacksmith, engineer, and potter. Except for the cook, everyone makes stuff to sell off whenever a trader comes by.

It seemed to move along quickly enough, but I definitely wasn’t trying to do it in 50 days. LOL I’m not sure how long it was to reach the day Warmun 27?