Town Progress Slows Down after 30ish Hearthlings

Hello all,

I’m falling into this loop that when my town gets to be around 30ish hearthlings and I also acquire the level 2 building sets that tasks assigned to hearthlings takes significantly longer to complete. Whether it be building buildings or forging an ingot, there is a noticeble difference between how quickly these tasks are done. Moreover, my hearthlings rarely if ever, loot items outside of my town, especially those items dropped from monster kills. The only thing they will is wood and that still takes a long time.

If i’m not someone who understands modding and other computer work arounds, is there a way to address this or do I just have to wait for newer versions to be released. The downside is that rather than have one town I can continually work on an improve, I usually just stop playing that game and start a new one to compensate.

Thanks so much for any advice you can spare or help you can provide.

Limit of stockpiles is appear yet? In this case they will do very slow (or almost no) all work

you can limit your game to 25 hearthlings in the settings option