What to do with 40 Hearthlings?

I was desperately searching the internet to get my “New Stonhearth Information” fix for the day, and I ran across a reddit post that was curious on the 21 Hearthling population cap.

Tom had this to say:

40 Hearthlings… 40! With the optimizations Radiant discussed in the recent live streams, i’m feeling fairly confident i’ll be able to be running around with a whole mess of little troublemakers in no time.

So here’s my challenge/question.

Take 40 Hearthlings and assign them to jobs and tasks. Can we make efficient use of that many little buggers this early in the game? I’m fairly confident some of you can.


What do do with 40 Hearthlings?

Burn out my computer! Making a three-storey building already makes my desk get blazing hot right under the fan vent!

For better equipped players, maybe try making a plate-armoured, goblin-axe-wielding, 30-footman army?


Try 4 four story buildings with castle-like walls attaching them in a fort-like pattern.
Then try have 7 floors of city underground inside and under those walls.
Hearthlings became crazy less efficient the bigger the city gets.


If I’m just min/maxing my city-building I can, sure - wall myself off from goblins/zombies, and then just strip-mine the world to my satisfaction.

If I’m trying to make a proper civilisation I think I’m going to struggle. I mean, let’s see… 2 full sections of infantrymen (16/40) would be hilarious overkill against any goblin threat, so that means 24 civilians strip-mining mountains for steel and a small handful of farmers churning out a superabundance of food.


Currently with my 33 people, I’m struggling to just move stuff out of the way so I can start building (the game is also struggling to run smoothly). I’ve simply been spending day after day moving stuff with 26 workers. Also have a few mining the area I want to build in… just so many resources. Wood, stone, ores, bars, etc, etc. Once I get the area prepared for building, I’m going to build a storage area and start building houses. Not really worrying about doing anything efficiently right now- I rather do other things while I hope most my workers will help. The game is so laggy at this point that I rather not try to do much - I can definitely see why the population limit was set to 21.

Back in A9 when I had 30-something workers the last thing I was working on was a massive road, but I ended up having to stop playing that file because it started taking over 16gb of RAM (thanks for fixing the RAM issue in A10 - I’m only using 7 gb right now, although I don’t have any huge projects like that road). If I had 40 workers at the time, they would have been doing the same thing.

I’m wondering how hard it will be to get 40 workers though - I currently only have a net_worth of about 75k and with the current formula it will take nearly 130k to get your 40th worker, but maybe that’s just because I have no building.


What do do with 40 hearthlings?

Get em’ all in one party, turn on defense mode, and STORM THE GOBLIN CAMP!!!

But, really? 40? Did people even get to 21?
The most i’ve ever gotten was 11, in alpha 8… :disappointed:


I had about 40 hearthlings in Alpha 5/6. Having 30+ hearthlings to build houses is a pretty fast process :stuck_out_tongue: I honestly made use of them all haha.

Plus for some new build projects I’m going to need like 30 hearthlings :wink:

Also due to this topic I’m really considering getting 40 hearthlings and making the world a giant farm for some unknown reason, But first to finish my next build!

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Meh I’m sure no one is going to have 40 hearthlings because either they’ll die or the game will become too unstable

That’s easy! Build two settlements.